There was a line of shops at the bottom of the park. Most of them had been recently converted into a school, but the end unit was a small patisserie. An awning hung above the gilded window, striped in peach and gold. There were tables in the shade, filled with groups of men and women who chatted as they sipped from china cups and ate pretty little chocolates.

It did not look like the kind of place that had started a revolution.

'Hello? Are you looking for the school?' A woman heavy with child rose from her chair, her face was set in a warm smile despite the chilly blue of her eyes.

He thought she had not noticed the letters branded on his face. Actually, she did not care either way.

'The school is just over there, if you go in someone will speak to you about enrolling?' she continued patiently, her head dropped to one side. 'I tell you what, I'll take you,' she said in the end, and tucked her hand into the crook of his filthy elbow and steered him toward the door to the school.

'Now, Mourous is lovely, but Payniel can be a bit brisk, don't let that worry you, and if you want something more outdoor orientated Mystle is a wonderful teacher. What's your name?'

'Uine, Misstress.'

'Now, you must get this into your head straight away: if you act like a slave then people will treat you as one. The polite way to address me is Miss; Miss Mellir if you knew who I was; Parmagritte if I was a friend, understand?'

The Feon stilled, his feet quite embedded to the floor.

'You're Miss Mellir?'

'Of course I am, who did you think I was?' she smiled again and tugged him so he had no choice but to step in line with her again. She reached the door slightly before him and pushed it inward, 'right, the rest is up to you I'm afraid, just remember what I said about Payniel.'

A sudden shout of chaos reached the door. Parmagritte Mellir laughed, and with a hand in the small of his back she shoved Uine Feon through the door and pulled it shut behind him. She gave a soft chuckle and went back to her seat.

Her tea was a little cool, but Safran was half way out the door, a fresh pot in one hand and an amused grin on her lips.

'Another?' she asked curiously.

'Indeed, they are coming more frequently now,' she glanced at her wrist, where a ribbon that matched the awning sat snug against the watch she wore. 'Speaking of, they should be here soon?'

As if it had come on Parmagritte's demand an automated truck pulled to a stop on the other side of the park gates. Two council officers climbed from the front, and went round the back of the truck to release its passengers.

Two men folded themselves from the rather uncouth transport. A pale skinned Eyven came first, reaching one perfectly proportioned hand to help the second man. Leuan Hamnor shot Ihsan a dour look and ignored the hand. His suite was slightly crumpled as he pulled it straight, and seemed a little big on him, as if prison food had not suited him so well.

The council officers said something, and were promptly ignored as Ihsan and Leuan came through the gates.

Everyone was on their feet. A slow round of applause breaking the hush that had descended. Both men looked exhausted, but they were smiling as they walked side by side.

'It's good to see you,' Parmagritte was the first to speak, she reached forward to pull Leuan into a hug. Safran would have done the same for Ihsan if she hadn't been interrupted by a shrieking blur.

'Oh, Ihsan, thank goodness,' Mourous chimed, Ihsan winced against the embrace and levered an arm free so he could return the gesture. From the door to the school, Payniel watched with an amused smirk. Mourous let out a squeak of embarrassment and jumped backward, 'and you too Mr Hamnor, I'm glad you're safe too.'

Leuan's eyes were tired, but he smiled all the same, 'thank you Mourous. You've been busy I see, Parmagritte.'

'Of course, while you have been lazing around in prison, some of us had an insurgence to keep in order,' she spoke with a smile. One hand came up to Leuan's cheek, and then Ihsan's. 'I am glad you're both safe.'

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