Unearthly green glow of wooded wilderness.

Overgrown grass glistening in dawn dew.

Crisp cold air dispels the drowsiness,

Making me think of yesterday-

Exploding skyscrapers frozen in flight,

Rumbling railways n' rampant roads,

Clamoring clubs running into the night,

Taxing trucks dropping lumbering loads-

Busy boots always clacking on tidy tiles-

Smothering smog, its endless embrace,

Vrooming vans, brringing bicycles,

Racing along at lightning pace.

First-class flowers are artfully arranged-

Synthetic suns shining on bulky books,

It's a roller coaster ride, never unchanged-

Rolling, crashing, sliding, swerving.

But here,

A distant, dainty bird chitters-

Serene silence,

so slow, so still.

At home, warm fire flickers,

Free from assignments to fulfill.