Glowing icy aqua embraces me-

The world muffles,

Fades, slips slowly into the back of my mind

And disappears.

Silk drifts through my fingers, my lips, my skin.

I reach.

Into the cold, I reach out-

I feel.

I grip.

I push.

I move and


Coddled in darkness then rising, washed with light.

Heat resonates throughout me and I become alive.

Tiny dancing bubbles froth, shielding me like a veil-

Transforming me into a water sprite.

I crush through,

Then halt and still…

Floating down, down, down.

Glancing up,

Blue light dances through-

Bathing me

In rippling rivulets of faceting light,

skipping, leaping and flying, exploding

in full tingles and dizziness-

A million tiny suns giving me energy.

I am peace.

Then I flip,

Spring from marble,

And fly away.