It was a perfectly normal Thursday morning, autumn, judging by the colour of the leaves shedding from the trees. Signs of winter's approach were there with the chilly wind and the graying sky, but the sun was still shining. Children were busy playing in the schoolyard, the recess bell having been called five minutes before.

One girl, seven years of age, hid in the shade of a small cluster of trees, watching the others play. She had on a white full sleeve turtleneck with dark blue sweatpants, though only the latter could be seen as she was wearing a black windbreaker, zipped up with the hood over her head so that one could hardly see her face. Her hands were in her pockets.

She knew she looked weird; that was why she hated coming to school. Her teacher wouldn't let her stay indoor either, which meant that unless she hid, most of the other children made fun of her for dressing as she did… because how she looked right now was how she looked on the hottest school days as well.

"There she is," said a voice.

She turned around and her brown eyes widened as she saw one of the girls in her class, Jessica, coming over. It wasn't Jessica who frightened her, however. With her came her big sister Rebecca, who was in grade six and was twelve years old. Rebecca in turn had a friend with her, a rather scary looking boy.

"She always dresses like this," said Jessica, coming over and pulling at the windbreaker's hood. "Right Nisha?"

Nisha, the weird girl, quickly moved away from Jessica, but not fast enough. Her face was exposed, showing her pale skin and partially Indian features along with her long black hair.

"She looks like a witch," said Rebecca, almost fascinated as she came over and caught Nisha's hair in her hand.

"I… I'm… not a witch," replied Nisha, moving back. "There's no such thing…"

Rebecca giggled. "There's only one way to find out," she said. "I'm reading a book, and apparently they used to test them by trying to drown them or burn them!"

Nisha's eyes widened before she quickly moved back and pulled her hood back up. She then turned to run away, but not before Rebecca's friend grabbed her by the arm.

"Maybe she's a vampire," he said with a smirk. "And that's why she stays out of the sun… cuz vampires burn in the sun."

"Vampires aren't real!" protested Nisha, scared as she lied.

"Then why d'you always cover yourself?" demanded Jessica. "You never come out in the sun!"

"I… I have a problem… allergy…" Nisha tried to pull her arm away from the boy, but he was bigger than her, and she was a weak child, especially during the day.

"Like a vampire," said the boy, grinning. He'd watched Blade, he knew about vampires… fictional ones anyway. "Let's see if she's real. Take her jacket off."

"No!" yelled Nisha, trying to wrench herself away, but he held on tightly, pulling her away from the trees. "Let me go! Don't touch me!"

"Lemme go, don't touch me," mimicked Jessica as she followed after. Rebecca meanwhile joined her friend and grabbed Nisha's other arm before yanking down the jacket's zipper. Nisha tried to pull away once more, but she was too weak.

"Stop!" she cried. "Leave me alone!" Her jacket was off and thrown on the ground as she was dragged to a patch of sunlight. Immediately she could feel her head beginning to throb as dizziness struck. She stumbled slightly as she tried to get away from the two older children.

"She's still too covered!" said Rebecca. "Jessica, her sleeves!"

Jessica was quick to comply, pushing Nisha's sleeves up to her elbows.

"Stop…" Tears were running down Nisha's cheeks as she started to feel the prickling heat on her arms. "Stop… it's hurts! It's…" Her pale arms were beginning to redden quite fast. "Let go! It's burning!"

Rebecca and her friends let go immediately, seeing that her skin was actually burning. "Freak!" screamed Jessica as she turned to run away.

Nisha fell to the ground from the dizziness, where she curled up. Her head was pounding and the pain she was feeling was beginning to get to her…

"…hey… you alright…?"

Nisha could barely hear the voice. She tried to open her eyes as she felt something cover her.

"… it hurts…" she mumbled.

"… take care… you…"

Nisha blacked out before she could hear any further… and she hardly remembered anything that happened that day, pushing it to the back of her mind.

She did remember one thing though… grey eyes.

Rewriting a story from before :)