2~ Visiting

Maman lived in a hospital. Apparently she had always been a little sickly, but it had gotten worse when I became a teen, and by the time I was eighteen and old enough to move out of the house, she had moved out as well. Laurent didn't have the heart to live in a empty house all by himself, and that was when his wandering began.

I paused in my step and decided to go to my apartment first since my wallet was still there. It took only five minutes to reach my apartment on the fourth floor. I paused at the door; there was someone inside, a girl, of course. Kyle must've brought another one home… yippee. Well, as long as she didn't touch my stuff…

I unlocked the door and stepped inside. As suspected, there was my roommate with a girl draped all over him.

"Yo, Nisha," called Kyle. He was tall, his black faux hawk making him seem even taller. He looked like a typical goth with his black clothes, piercings, eyeliner, black lipstick and nail polish. "Why're you home so early?"

"I'm going back," I replied. "Came to get my wallet…" Ignoring the two, I headed to my room, scowling when I realized the door was already open. Hm, had someone been snooping around in here? Kyle wouldn't… but maybe that girl he was with had. I smirked; there was nothing she'd find in here… well, except my wallet, which was not where it should have been, next to my laptop.

"Hey," I said, turning round to look at the two. "Your friend there has something of mine."

Kyle raised an eyebrow and looked at the girl. "You went in her room?"

"No way!" replied the girl, obviously lying.

I tilted my head for a moment, then started walking toward the girl. "You know…" I started, a small smile playing at my lips when I reached them, "I'm a vampire… and I can smell you were in my room…"

Kyle rolled his eyes, but he was used to my 'playing'. The girl obviously wasn't. "As if!" she scoffed.

"Give me back my wallet," I told her coldly. "Before I suck you dry."

She scoffed some more, but I think I freaked her enough with the sudden red eyes, because she pulled it out her jacket pocket and shoved it at me.

"Pick a nicer girl next time," I told Kyle as I turned to leave the apartment. "Or a smarter one." And before he could reply, I left.

The hospital was a half hour away, but it took a whole one hour because I didn't drive… yeah, driving instructors don't usually give lessons during the night. So, I took the bus, enjoying the ride. Thankfully there weren't too many people on board, so I could play my angry birds in peace without anyone wondering why someone in her twenties wanted to kill green piggies with birds.

My bus stop finally came and I trudged off, stepping into a pile of brownish grey snow. Lovely. It would've been nice if my vampiric powers included water resistant socks. So now I had to tromp through the snow to the hospital with my awesomely wet socks. Well… I s'pose there could be worse things in life.

Once I reached the hospital, I made my way straight to my mom's room, same like every day. Most of the night staff knew me and pretty much thought it was sweet that a young woman was coming to stay the night with her ill mother. Well… maybe it was sweet. But it was also the only time I could see her anyway.

I opened the door and stepped inside the room, making my way to her bed. She lay there as usual, frail and pale, but a peaceful look on her face. I wonder what sorta drugs they stuffed her with to keep her so placid looking. Not that it'd make a difference to me; science stuff flew way over my head.

I reached out and place a hand over hers, squeezing it gently. "Hey Maman…" The docs said she couldn't hear me, but hell she was my mother; I was gonna talk to her whether she could or not.

"Laurent came by today," I said, making a face. "Yep… that dreadful dude you fell in love with and married… father of mine and all… Honestly I have no clue what you see in him." It was a normal sort of conversations I'd have with her… she'd always laugh it off and tell me I would understand someday.

"Apparently it's getting dangerous 'round here," I continued with a soft sigh, closing my eyes for a moment. "I dunno… if I'll be able to come so often…" I squeezed her hand a little more. "I wish you'd get better… then I'd take you outta this place… this country. We'd find someplace to go… I'd figure out some way to keep from gettin' thirsty…"

My nose twitched and I stopped talking. Along with the very clean hospital smell, another scent came to me. My head swerved toward the door. Dammit!

Leaning against the door frame was a tall man with tied black hair, the slightest of Asian features. He had a smile on his face and a dagger in hand. Crap, I hadn't even heard him come!

"Don't mind me eh," he said, smile turning into a smirk.

"Get away hunter," I hissed, eyes turning red and fangs elongating. "This should be neutral zone!"

"Not when you could be sucking her blood," he said, pointing at my mother with his dagger. "Now, now… be calm… and leave." His eyes narrowed slightly.

That was when I picked up the footsteps coming near the room. "You deaf?" said the man, his voice barely audible. "Leave!"

I didn't get it but without delay I raced to the window and pulled it open as I heard the man speak aloud.

"Don't move bloodsucker!" he shouted as I dove out of the window. The fall was five floors down, and it kinda hurt when I hit the ground, but hey, vampire strength and all. Yay. That meant I didn't actually get splattered when I fell from heights.

As I stood up, I could hear a woman's voice. "Where the f*** is she, Nevin?!"

"Don't shout Miranda," came the man's voice. "We don't need a mess in the hospital… She went out before I could get her, let's get going, eh?"

I got going just about then as well, racing into the parking lot where I picked out a taxi and sat inside. I gave the guy my address and tried to look as if I wasn't just running from a couple of people who wanted my head on a spike.

"You alright there Miss?" asked the Punjabi driver, his turban practically touching the top of the car.

"Yes Uncle," I replied, using the Indian card and calling him a familiar term before shutting up.

Something was bugging me. Why did the guy tell me to leave? And why did he lie to that woman?

And why did his eyes look familiar?

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