It was on the very first day of January that a man named Kirk Lancaster had left his apartment and headed for the nearest RTA stop to catch a bus to work.

But as soon as he got to that stop, Kirk saw his best friend Richard Spencer sitting on the bench like someone stole his lunch money and left him for dead.

"Are you okay, Rich? You seem to be down about something.", said a concerned Kirk, only to have Rich look at his own best friend with angry eyes and say, "I saw what you did last night, you heartless creep!"

And when Kirk scratched his head and asked, "What are you talking about, Rich?", the angry friend got off the bench, looked at Kirk straight in the eyes and yelled, "YOU KNOW FULL WELL WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! YOU SLEPT WITH MY WIFE!"

And after he turned around and began staring at a wall, Rich took a deep breath and said, "And the worst part of that night is that while I was gawking at you from the hotel balcony, the witch looked up and smiled at me like she was really enjoying it!"

That was when Kirk cleared his throat, placed his hand on Rich's shoulder and said, "Look, Rich. I really am sorry about what you saw last night. But what do you expect? It was New Year's Eve and everyone was so smashed while celebrating that they were unable to tell right from wrong. And yes, that does include me and Jessica."

Of course, that made Rich turn around, lower his head in shame and say, "Sorry, Kirk. Sometimes, I tend to forget.", just before the bus showed up and an understanding Kirk said, "No harm done. Come on. Let's share a seat."