Okay, so this chapter is saddd, or happy for Robert fans. I had this dream about where my best friend was being a sadist so I decided to add it here. Finally, Robert x Kris!

"Kris, let's have sex." Robert said all of a sudden.
"You don't want to?" He began to pout, looking so cute.
"It's just that..."
"Do you want to?"
"Yes... Alright." I don't know what made me decide to say yes. The next thing I knew, I was stripped and completely exposed in front of an equally naked Robert. Everything was in a blur.
"Kris, I'm not a gentle lover."
"I like it rough." I don't know what made me say that. I don't like it rough.
Then, I was getting pounded into quickly, repeatedly, mercilessly. I felt my boobs being grabbed and moaned.
"Like it, Kris? Feels good? Ha..." Robert himself was moaning.
"Yes Robert, more!"
"You're such a slut, aren't you, Kris? Dirty girls have to get punished!" He pushed a vibrator into my arse, and a dildo. I was screaming my throat hoarse and Robert was laughing, evilly. Then there wasn't pleasure anymore. There was pain, and only pain. I was yelling for him to stop, and he ignored me, forcing in more vibrators and more and more. My hole was full and he didn't care, just put in more, until it started bleeding.
"Stop! No! Stop! I'm going to die!"
'Youre not going to die, Kristina. Don't be so dramatic." I'm not being dramatic! I'm bleeding to death! Can't he see that?
"Stop, Robert! I'm dying! I'm bleeding to death, can't you see that! Stop!" I screamed to no avail. So this is the way I'm going to die...

"Kris! Kris!" Huh... Whazzat? Someone...?
"Kris! Kris!" I'm dying, and someone like Robert is screaming my name... I don't know... Anymore...
"Kris! Kris! Wake up! Wake up!" Yea, that's Robert. Why's he yelling at me to wake up? I'm dead. I'll never wake up again. Didn't he hear me?
"I'm dead Robert... You killed me..." I don't even know what I'm saying. All of a sudden, someone kissed me. Why can I feel it? Mmm... But it's nice...
"Sweet kiss..." I mumbled.
Then I woke. I woke up to the face of Robert, his lips on mine.
"Kris...?" He looked at me in concern, and I tried to remember what's happening. Wasn't I dead?
"Huh, wasn't I... Dead?"
"Kris, you were dreaming!" What? So it was all a dream... Hm. Ok. That makes sense.
"So in my dream you were-"
"About to kill you, or did I already kill you?" I was about to say, so in my dream you were fucking me to death. Thank goodness I didn't.
"You killed me." I was beginning to regain my clarity. I bolted up straight in bed.
"Robert, you killed me even after I screamed at you to stop, that I was sorry, I was so scared..." I started sobbing.
"It's alright, Kris. I'm here. I won't kill you. I mean you no harm, fair maiden." I gave a small chuckle at that. We use to play 'the fair maiden and the knight' when we were young. I loved it. The knight would always ride to the village, and barge into a house of a lady named Mirian. Mirian would scream, but the knight would say, "I mean you no harm, fair maiden. I am here in hiding from the enemy." The maiden would fall in love with him and so would the knight, and so the story goes. In the end, they married and had eleven children. It was a nice story.
"Kris, why would I kill you?"
"You don't seem like a gentle lo-person." I corrected. I almost said lover! My goodness!
"I am, Kris. You know I would never harm you, right?"
"... I... Maybe."
"Kris, I would die for you." Huh? No... Way.
"Don't do that, Robert. You only die for your loved ones."
"I know. I love you, Kris." I stare at him, speechless, trying to process what he just said.
"Love?" I blurted.
"..." Robert blushed. It was so cute!
"Since... When?"
"Since we were twelve..." Robert mumbled, shy like a baby girl. How adorable!
"That was six years ago!" I gasped.
"I know."
"Robert, I-" I was about to say, 'I love you too' when all of a sudden, someone spoke.
"Hey. What are you doing here?" We both looked at the door, me already recognizing the voice. As soon as I saw his smiling and innocent face, my stomach dropped with guilt. Ed. He was directing the question at Robert.
"What are you doing in Kris's room together with her, Robert?" He repeated.
Robert's red on his cheeks were completely gone.
"She had a nightmare." He simply said.
"Well, it's not about you, so you don't need to care." Ed remarked coldly.
"It was about him-" I said and at the same time Robert said,
"I'm also her friend-" and we both chuckled. Ed wasn't paying attention to Robert at all, rather at what I said.
"What did you mean, it was about him?"
"My dream included Robert." I said bluntly.
"She was screaming my name, so I ran over here." I blushed.
"What?" Ed was outraged.
"You had a wet dream about h-him?" He was barely able to contain his anger.
"No, Ed, it was-"
"She was screaming my name like her life depended on it." Robert said with an innocent look on his face, silencing me. He didn't answer Ed's question, but made it more of a misunderstanding. I mean, it was true, I was screaming like my life depended on it, but it was true, wasn't it? My life did depend on it. Well, my dream life, at least.
"We're over, Kris. I can't believe you cheated on me with this scum."
"No, this was all a misunderstanding-"
"A misunderstanding? It's two in the morning, you were both at the bed, holding hands, mouths so close to each other, you were laughing and you just admitted having a dream about him, while blushing too! Which part did I misunderstand?" He didn't give me a chance to answer.
"Well, Robert scum boy, you aren't getting her virginity, that has been taken by me, but you can still enjoy this whore's slutty ass. Don't worry, it's nice and tight, you'll have a great time." Ed stormed out of the room before I could say anything.


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