I'm in what looks like some sort of cave. I tried opening another portal to get out of here an hour ago, but nothing happened. I've been busy since then resigning myself to my death. But now, I am starting to hear the crackle of something catching on fire.

I look around in fear. It's not any of my clothing. That's good. I look around some more. It's dark all around me. Then, all of a sudden, the walls light up. I can see the whole cave now. It was better when I couldn't.

The walls are made of thick, green mucus. I am knee-deep in something that I think is puke. The floor feels like body tissue or something. There is no doubt. I am standing in a creature's stomach.

Then mucus shoots out of the ceiling and pulls me up towards the wall. I scream. There is a face in the wall.

"I wonder… Who are you? I have tried almost every delicacy there is to try, but you smell… different," it says. It has a deep, raspy voice.

"Who am I? Who are you?" I say uneasily.

"I am a glob of stomach mucus, but you can call me Mike."

"Ok… Are you going to eat me?"

"Probably. If you lose my riddle game." What is he talking about?

"What riddle game?"

"I give you three riddles, you have to answer them all. Well, unless you want to give up now and call it defeat. Or in this case, death for you, and breakfast for me." he says. This is not going to be fun.

"Well, what's the first one?" I ask.

"It gives us tons of heat,

It shares with us some light,

If you get too close, then you are in a plight!

"But if you go too far afield

You will die, you can't get pulled or wheeled

You'll go hither and thither, you'll see things that glow

You'll float around, without pull or flow.

"If you're at the heart, you can only be a part

Of the giant, giant, journey

Which you now need to start!

"It dies, but it's lifeless,

Then it's there, but it's lightless

And it's small, but it's size-less.

What is it?"

The first stanza obviously refers to something that lights up and is hot. "If you go too far afield" and "You'll float around, without pull or flow", that means it is somewhere you can float, but with no current. Like space. I know what it is.

"A star! The answer is a star," I say.

Mike grunts. "Fine, you got that one. Next riddle:

"It wears ties,

It wears hats.

It wears the fur of cats.

"Light spends less,

Nothing spends a lot.

The more you spend,

The less you get caught!"

That one's easy. "Time!"

Mike wails in despair. I start to think that he's getting a little creepy.

"Flick it, turn it,

When you do a light might be lit.

Or maybe a sound, or a motion around,

Or a locking.

Or popping,

From the heat no one's stopping."

"A switch!"

"You win!"

"Now can you release me?"

"I suppose I did promise, didn't I? Oh, wait. I never said I would let you go if you won, did I? But I guess you might taste better with relish. "

He drops me.