I can't help but think all will be ok,

Or that you'll be all that I wanted.

I can't stand my heart in my throat,

Or the drops dripping onto my chest.

I hate that I can't hold my hands still or keep my breath in my lungs.

I feel as though I don't belong yet my feet stay firmly on this breaking ground.

I hate to think all hope has slipped from my grasp.

The pages unfold yet won't stop for me to grasp the concept.

The plot of my actions are a struggle that I can't control

And my eyes blur from the fight I hold against the tears.

My hands hold the emotions streaming when I am weak,

And my legs can't support the burden that doesn't exist.

My chest heaves up and down as my heart quakes.

My heart will not stop from the emotional pain,

But the pain is enough to cause an avalanche.