It is a nice spring morning in New Orleans, Louisiana. Old friends, Aaron and Chad, agreed to meet at City Park so they could hang out.

Chad: Hey, what's up? *smiling and waving to Aaron*

Aaron: *smiling, offers Chad a bag of chips* Just got out of work. *Sigh* I should have never majored in accounting; I'm so tired of that boring office job.

Chad: You wanna Maserati, you better work work.

Aaron: Right. One day I'll get that car. I'll roll my windows down and cruise.

Chad: *laughing* Gotta work hard, play hard.

Aaron: Well enough about my life, what's going on with you?

Chad: *Serious face* You know me and Casey broke up right? *Sadly looks down at the ground* I miss her. She was the wind beneath my wings.

Aaron: Wait, no. What happened?!

The scene closes and fades into a flashback of Chad and Casey's break up

*The couple is on a small passenger boat sailing across Lake Pontchartrain in the middle of the night*

Casey: It's so beautiful. *smiles, leans on Chad* The city never looked so bright.

Chad: Ya, but dang it's hotter than Nevada during the summer

Casey: But the breeze makes it bearable. It lets the boat sail. Besides, the sun isn't even out anymore.

Chad: Ya, but cause even the stars, they burn

Chad: Its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes

Casey: OMG! Stop trying, we're in public.

Chad: No one is looking! *now frustrated and annoyed*

Casey: *really annoyed* I can't believe this is going down

Chad: Oh, it's going down. I'm yelling timber.

Casey: I want to go home.

Chad: You're hot and then you're cold. Why can't you just make up your mind if you want to be with me or not.

Casey: What are you talking about? This fight isn't even that serious. Why can't you stop being such a pervert? I'm about to blow –ow -ow.

Chad: Shut up! I'm about to knock you down.

Ends scene. Returns to the conversation of Chad and Aaron.

Aaron: Wow. That fight got serious really fast.

Chad: Ya, I know. We've been having issues though. It wasn't the same. It sucks, falling from cloud 9

Aaron: Friendly advice: Life is like a roller coaster and then it drops.

Chad: But we were on a roll. I wanted to marry her.

Aaron: *shrugs* Well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Chad: I want to call her; tell her that I'm going down when you're not around.

Aaron: Ok so say you guys get back together. You said it yourself, it wasn't the same.

Chad: *remains silent with a sad look and his face*

Aaron: Get over it. You need a pick me up. Come on, let's go.

Chad: Go where?

Aaron: *smirks* You'll see.

Scene closes with Chad and Aaron driving off

Open Scene: Aaron and Chad are at a luxury car dealership.

Aaron: Ok, got the keys. We've rented it for a day. $850 for one day, it better be worth it. *Throws keys to Chad and begins getting into the car*

Chad: Umm… I'd feel more comfortable if you drove.

Aaron: Oh just shut up and drive.

*Starts driving* *Chad turns on the radio*

Aaron: Pump it, louder!

Chad: Those girls are staring.

Aaron: *laughs* They see you rolling.

*Scene splits to the girls at the patio of a coffeehouse looking at the car*

Girl 1: Woah, spin my head right round.

Girl 2: I love that color, the green, it's almost radioactive.

Girl 3: Man, I love that car. I'm going to see if I can talk to the guy behind the wheel.

*Goes talk to Chad* *Puts on flirty face*

*Girl 3's boyfriend shows up and starts yelling*

Girl 3's Boyfriend: Hey, that's my girl! *Pulls out a revolver.*

Chad: Aww crap. I'll see you later *winks* *Begins driving off*

Aaron: Floor it! He's shooting at us.

Chad: What? *Looks confused*

Aaron: Don't you hear that boom boom boom?

Chad: That's the wrecking ball! *points to the building being demolished* Stop scaring me like that!

*Phone rings*

Aaron: Umm… your phone is ringing. It's your mom.

Chad: *reaches over to grab his phone from Aaron* Hello?

Chad's Mom: What are you doing?

Chad: I'm riding into the night driving over the bridge

Chad's Mom: Dinner is ready! Hurry up and come home already!

Chad: Mom, I am 22 years old!

*Undistinguishable arguing over the phone*

Aaron: Hey watch out! *High pitched scream*

Chad: Huh?

Aaron: We're going to fly fly fly.

*Chad doesn't see the draw bridge opening up and drives up the ramp.

Chad: *screams*

Aaron: Up Up here we go!

*Car flies over the ramp and lands in a crash at the other end of the bridge*

*The scene ends* *Ambulance and emergency room sounds are heard*

EMT: Sir, sir can you explain to me what happened?

Aaron: *Laying in the ambulance, barely conscious* The car flew me to places I've never been. *Blacks out*

*Scene ends.* *Scene reopens in the hospital room where Chad and Aaron are recovering.*

Chad: So what now? *said in a sarcastic tone* *Both of them have their legs in casts*

Aaron: *smirks* We'll crawl until we can walk again.