To Fight Another Day

By DaltonSkip

Many go through life without a purpose

Mine was to provide military service

No matter how close I got to become the prey

I always found a way to fight another day

As a soldier you live each day like it is your last

I've seen friends taken by mortar blasts

I have seen men die by my side

And to see their bodies wash away in the crimson tide

To be alive gives me a reason to fight another day

Each night I have dreams about my family and my wife

To one day go back home to hug them and look into their eyes

This dream always leads me to wake up and pray

That I will never give up and to fight another day

If you have read this I hope you realize the theme of life is

Always search for that thing or things that give you bliss

To achieve the impossible by holding onto a dream

So when you are ready to scream and think all is lost

Remember to pray and think of a way

To live to fight another day