From the Journal of Coral Finslight

May 12

Today was my first day at my new school. I have to admit, I was dreading it a little. In the first class, the teacher introduced me as I expected them to. She told me where to sit, and that is how I met this guy named Jared. I think he is pretty interesting. First of all, he certainly doesn't look like any boy I had seen before. He is really tall, and really skinny. His hair is the brightest hue of red I have ever seen, and it sticks up in every direction imaginable. His eyes are black, blacker than I could ever imagine eyes being. Then there is his personality. I don't know much about it. He appears to be incredibly shy, and lets me do most of the talking. I do a lot of talking around him. Even though he does not say much-okay that's an overstatement. Even though he does not say anything, I still like him. I have a feeling that we may be good friends.

But then there is the rest of the world. This one guy, Calvin Brecker, is a total jerk. When we got out of our first class, he shoved Jared to the ground and called him a loser and a nobody. Then he started flirting with me. Ugh-he is so terrible. I am just glad that Jared and everyone else seem nice enough. I am sure that I am going to like this new town.