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Birth of Four Clans

IN an area where man has not set foot in there, there is a dense wooded forest. The forest was very lush, filled with a variety of animals such as deer, rabbit, badger, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, and wolves.

The wolves most dominating the forest because there are no other predators that can rival or surpass them in hunting prey.

Initially the wolves in the woods is a single pack, but all that changed when some wolves began to doubt leadership their alpha who can arguably too weak to lead because he is not ready to be alpha when his father died of a punctured by antler while fighting with stag-stocky. As a result there has been fighting between rebelled wolves and the wolves who remain loyal to the alpha.

Over time, the rebels began to split into three because each one has a different opinion about the usurpation of alpha, which is now no longer a dispute the two camps but four.

When the alpha becomes older, he finally made a decision, a decision that will change life in Silvaine ̶ forest where the wolves live ̶ because during the rebellion he had been trying to learn to be a true alpha, so he was very confident that it is a very appropriate decision. Although he has turned into a more authoritative leader, is still very difficult to get his trust back from the rebel wolves. Finally, the alpha hold a peace meeting with the three wolves that have been selected by their respective groups to become leaders.

"So what?" Asked the wolf. "Have you decided who among us would you give him your position as the alpha?"

"No." replied the alpha. "I'm not going to give my position to anyone."

"So that's your decision?" growled the second wolf. "Seeing your loyal wolves die one by one and then wait for us to rip your throat? You're so selfish! That's why we don't acknowledge you as our alpha!"

"I guess he doesn't need to wait any longer," growled the first wolf. "We could tear his throat right now."

"Wait, don't do it first," said the third wolf in soothing tones. "I'm sure this alpha still has other words that he wants to remove it from his throat."

"Is it true?" asked the first wolf while lowering his anger.

"Yes, indeed," replied the alpha. "And I'm sure even though I give my position to one of the three of you, the two of you certainly can't accept it and continue this bloody infighting."

The three wolves looked at each other, of course they will continue to fight to the death to get the status of Alpha of Silvaine. But they have agreed to federate this moment and their only enemy now is the alpha.

"So what do you suggest?" asked the third wolf. "Ask for the three of us to fight each other until there is only one winner who would you give the gift of your alpha position? We will be happy to do it if you ̶ "

"Don't ever think I will propose that!" snarled the alpha firmly, making three wolves' ears bent flat, they suddenly remembered their priorities and re-raise their ear with facial expressions that indicate that they are not afraid of him.

After the situation calmed down, the alpha resumed, "On the night before he died, he swore not to give my position to anyone, but I can't let this continue. So with this I made the decision to maintain my position and give you three new alpha positions at once. "

The three wolves staring and stunned to the alpha, as if he had swallowed a large tree with a rounded jaw-round basis.

"I ̶ if you're out of your mind!" asked the first wolf, when managed to get his voice back.

"The four of us can't simultaneously be alphas in Silvaine." added the second wolf.

"We can if we divide the territory." replied the alpha.

"You mean?" asked the third wolf.

"We'll divide SIlvaine into four regions power: east, west, north, and south." clearly the alpha. "That way each one of us to lead without being opposed. But if we had a deal, and one of us breaking the agreement, then he will be thrown into the Middle."

All three wolves started away from the alpha and discuss the plan for half an hour before returning to his front.

Before one of them spoke, the first wolf smiled and said, "Even though you're younger than us, I have to admit that you are far wiser than before. Yes, we agree with the plan. Perhaps this is the best instead of killing each other for position."

The alpha breathed a sigh of relief when they heard their approval, first he was afraid they would reject, but fortunately it didn't happen.

A few days later, the three wolves and their followers away from the territory of the alpha and split into their territory that has been set.

First wolf became an alpha in the eastern region, namely EastClan. While the second wolf became an alpha in the northern region ̶ NorthClan. And the third wolf in SouthClan ̶ southern region.

The alpha lead in WestClan ̶ western region ̶ with his loyal followers.

The Wolves of Silvaine can finally live in peace, for now.