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MOONFANG ran through the trees and turned deftly past the rocks in front of him, until he finally arrived in the meadow. There he saw his two friends, Fognose and Mundfur.

Fognose have dark gray fur, while Mundfur has a brown mud fur.

"Hi, Moonfang," called Fognose. "I thought you were not coming."

"Sorry, did I drove Springtail to the cave of the messengers." Replied Moonfang.

"Let me guess," said Mundfur. "Is he nervous when in front of the cave?"

"You could say that," sighed Moonfang.

"I wish I was there before," said Mundfur. "I want to see the expression on his face at the time."

"Come on, Mundfur," said Fognose. "You do not have to talk like that behind Springtail. You're just like Springtail when your first day as a warrior, or perhaps even worse from him."

"Really?" asked Moonfang amused tone.

"Yeah, right," said Fognose. "I remember how scared he was, until he doesn't want to let go his mom's leg."

"Hey!" protest Mundfur. "I don't fear that time. I'm just not ready."

"It sounds like someone who is very frightened to me." said a new voice.

Moonfang's heart beat faster, he knows the owner of that voice. When he turned around, he saw Riversoul standing behind him.

"Am I late?" asked Riversoul.

"No, we have not even started the hunt," said Fognose.

"Riversoul" cried Moonfang. "Glad to see you here. But anyway what are you doing here?"

"What do you mean?" asked Riversoul. "Is not the three of you bring me here?"

"The three of us?" Moonfang asked, surprised.

"Yes, Fognose and Mundfur tell me if you ask me," replied Riversoul.

Moonfang then turned towards to Fognose and Mundfur who was pretending to stare up at the sky, whistling. "Excuse me," said Moonfang to Riversoul.

Moonfang then walked towards to Fognose and Mundfur, then whispered, "What do you guys thinking?"

"We thought it would be nice if Riversoul could come with us," said Mundfur.

Without telling me?" Moonfang asked angrily.

"That's our reason," said Fognose. "If we tell you, if you're going to come here today if Riversoul here?"

Well ... it's ... it's ... "stuttered Moonfang. "No," he admitted.

"Hey, if you're lucky you might be able to express your love to her today," added Mundfur.

"Love?" Moonfang asked surprised. "I never said I love her."

"Maybe not, but you're obviously a crush on her," joked Mundfur.

"Of course not!" argued Moonfang, his cheeks flushed.

"Then why both cheeks flushed," asked Mundfur.

Moonfang not say any more, just head down to hide his embarrassment.

"It's okay, Moonfang," consoled Fognose. "Every creatures must have fallen in love. You don't have to be afraid to admit it."


"You're talking about what?" asked Riversoul. "You don't mind if I join you?"

"No, not at all," replied Moonfang. "We were just discussing hunting strategies for the four of us."

Mundfur and Fognose exchanged glances with each other and smiled. Moonfang just said "four of us" which means he also will participate.

The deers had gathered in the middle of the Meadow to graze with their children. Not sense danger near them.

A few meters from the left and right side of the deers' comrade, four young wolves have been prepared in their respective places.

Fognose and Mundfur will make the deers ran into the left side of their so Moonfang and Riversoul who were on that the side can easily catch a less wary deer. They hide in tall grasses and was in the opposite direction of the wind direction so that the deers don't smell them. Fognose and Mundfur play an important role in the hunt for the deers to have to make a straight run towards Moonfang and Riversoul and keep them not turn direction. Because there is a row of stones in the Meadow make Meadow splitting into two. A row of stones that are not too high so that the deers and their children can jump easily. If all the deers that made it through the rows of stones, four wolves would lose their prey and forced to go home empty-pawed. A row of stones that forms a border between WestClan and EastClan. If the deers had been on the other side of a row of stones, they officially belong to EastClan.

The hunt begins, Mundfur and Fognose immediately came out of hiding, making the deers are not aware of their presence shocked and frightened ran towards to Moonfang and Riversoul. Mundfur ran to the other side of the herd and keep them don't turn into a row of stones, while Fognose keeping the other side.

When a deer ran at the front to avoid death, two wolves suddenly jumped in front of it, one of them only to bite its neck and one again biting its shoulder.

"Very good! Nice both of you, good job, "said Fognose to Moonfang and Riversoul.

The rest of the other herd managed to escape quickly jump over a row of stones that they thought could be safe if it were there.

Deer caught thrashing trying to free itself, but the two wolves who bite it and hold it so as not to obscure too strong, especially the white wolf that bit it neck. Until the deer finally resigned to death and letting itself die as fine dining.

"I still can't believe we managed to catch a deer," said Riversoul.

"But in reality we are successful," said Moonfang.

Then they proudly eating venison hunted themselves.

"It turns out that we hunt venison itself better than the wolves brought to us." said Riversoul.

"Of course," said Moonfang agree. "But anyway, good arrest."

"Thanks, you too," said Riversoul. "It turns out that your jaw is very strong, stronger than I thought. This deer just can not move slightly due to your bite."

"Not only that," adds Mundfur. "Moonfang also very quick and agile. If we both fail to keep the deers ran straight toward Moonfang and make them run into a row of stones, Moonfang will immediately ran after the incredible speed and caught a deer before the deer made it to the first row of stones."

"Really?" asked Riversoul amazed.

Moonfang just rolled his eyes, while the Riversoul looked at him back.

"Don't be surprised if muscles in your arms and shoulders are so awesome, you definitely will attract a lot of attention of the females," said Riversoul.

"Thanks, I guess," replied Moonfang laughing shame.

Mundfur and Fognose looked at each other and nodded.

"We will go for a while to find a drink," said Fognose.

"We'll be right back," added Mundfur. "Don't spend the venison before we get back."

"But, guys-" said Moonfang but Fognose and Mundfur already ran away.

Moonfang and Riversoul continued to eat the venison it little by little while accompanied by the silence of the morning.

"Moonfang," said Riversoul trying to break the silence.

"Yes?" reply Moonfang.

"Do you still remember the first time we met?" asked Riversoul.

"Of course," replied Moonfang. "At that time you and I were cubs. It was the first time I went out of the den after allowed by Mom and Dad. I ran happily through the trees until you became the first wolf that I hit."

"Yeah, right," laughed Riversoul. "I became the first wolf you know before Fognose and Mundfur."

"There are things about yourself that surprised me," said Moonfang.

"What's that?"asked Riversoul.

"I'm three days older than you but you're the first one out of your den than me," replied Moonfang.

They both burst out laughing until out of breath.

Why did he have to come at a time like this? Moonfang thought annoyed.

Someone just destroy Moonfang romantic situation. Who is she? Find out in the next chapter.