Roeses over Weeds

Characters: Brody, Trent, Liz

Onstage are two boys, Trent and Brody. Trent is and overall good looking guy, he was good grades, and money. Brody on the other hand is and average looking guy, not the brightest and has to count his pennies.

Brody is standing down stage right holding a weed, Trent is down stage Left holding a rose.

T: To her, I am a rose

B: To her, Im just a weed

T: She follows me around

B: I follower her around

T: I give her all the money she wants

B: I have to count my pennies

T: Im considered her hero

B: Im just a friend

T/B: Most of all, I love her

-black out-scene change-

On stage, Brodys living room, a couch in the middle of the room, Beside it is a little table with a phone on it, In front of the couch is a small t.v. On stage left is a small little bedroom that connects to the living room. On stage right is the door that leads outside.

Its 7:30 pm and Brody is seen sitting on his couch relaxing watching t.v, he's interressted in the program, He hears the first ring of the phone and ignores it. At the second ring he acknowledges it but doesn't have his eyes leave the t.v, at the third ring, Annoyed, He reaches for the phone still watching t.v.

B:(Annoyed) Hello?...(Happy)Oh hey!...Yo are you ok?... Come over?...Yea sure, it's fine, Im not doing anything...ok see you in five.

Brody hangs up the phone and walks into his room, on his bed lyes a rose, on the far right is a dresser, Above it is a mirror and on the dresser is a weed. Brody looks at the rose picking it up but then tossing it back onto the bed. He continues over to his dresser where he fixes his hair and shirt, looks at the weed on top of the dresser then puts it in his pocket. He hears a knock on the front door and goes to answer it. Liz enters with sunglasses on, She goes straight to sit on the couch.

B: Liz are you ok?

L: No.

B: Was it him agian?

Liz stares silently at him.

B: I see, Mind if I ask what the glasses are for?

L: I just had an eye test.

B: (sits down beside Liz)Ok, Well want to tell me whats up?

L: Ok, so you know how last week we had the school dance right? Well, I went with Trent obviously, And about half way through I wanted to stop dancing because my heels were hurting my feet. So I go and sit down and Trent just stays dancing in the crowd. A few minutes later of me watching him, one of my friends sat down next to me and we began to talk. Soon, My feet began to feel better so I said goodbye to go find Trent, But...He wasn't were I left him. So I ask one of his friends and they said that he headed over to thr doors of the gym, So as you can guess I walked over there. But when I got outside, I saw him kissing Sara.

B: Wow, I-I don't know what to say.

L: Yeah, and when I confronted him about it, HE denied it.

B: Listen, you should not have to deal with that.

L: (ignoring his comment) Anyways, yesterday, Trent and I were invited to this party. We all had some drinks and before I knew it, I looked in the corner and who do I see making out with Sara again! My BoyFriend! So you know what I did? I went over to Trents Friend, Derek and lead him over to the same corner, I tapped Trent on the shoulder, and, BAM. I kissed Derek before his eyes.

B: (Worried) Was Trent mad?

L: Furious

B: Though I agree, Trent was in the wrong, you should not have done that. Trent does have a nasty temper. You know that. You should have just left.

L: You might be right,(Too herself) Then maybe this wouldn't have happened.

B: (Curious) What would not have happened?

L: Oh. Nothing

B: Hey (gets closer to Liz) You can tell me these things, Im here for you, you should not have to deal with this alone.

Liz looks down at the ground in thought.

B: What is it?

Liz slowly removes her sunglasses, and reveals that her right is purple and sollown.

B: (Jumps up from the couch) Liz, Your Eye! What happened!

L: (whispers) Calm down, Calm down.

B: How can I! Your eye! What happened!

L: Well after I kissed Derek,

B: Please don't tell me he.

L: Trent took me out of the party and into his car, and we started yelling at each other, and before I know it, his fists were flying around me.

B: Do you have anymore marks?

L: I have another mark on my arm. Brody, you have to promise me you won't tell anybody about this.

B: (sits back down next to liz) Liz, I have too. You should not have to deal with this, Trent has to understand that he can't do this to you, or anybody.

L: If you really are my friend, then you wont tell anybody about this.

B: No, I need to tell someone because I care about you.

L: You can't.

B: Why?

L: You just can't. Can we get out of here, I want to get something to eat.

B: Fine, But I give you till the end of the night to give me a good enough reason not to tell anybody.

Brody gets off the couch and heads to his room, he picks up his jacket off the floor then spots the rose on his bed. He picks up the Rose in his hand. He heads back to the living room. He walks past Liz and walks to the door, he turns back to see that liz has not moved. He makes his way next to Liz.

B: Liz? Liz listen to me, There are better people out there then Trent, Of all people, you do not deserve this. I know He has money and everything, but that is not everything, if he is willing to hit you, he does not really love you, and you will find-

L: Im pregnet

B: -somebody...wait what?

L: Im pregnet. That's why you can't tell anybody.

They both sit in silence, liz starts to cry. Brody Hugs her and holds her tight.

B: Does he know?

L: No.

B: You have to break up with him

L: No

B: Why?

L: Becasue he can support me.

B: But he does not care about you.

L: I know

B: Then break it off.

L: No!

B: Why can't you see this is hurting you?

L: I know this is wrong but at least he pretends to care about me.

B: There are people here who care about you.

L: Like who?

B:(Pulls away from hug) Me. I care.

L: You?

B: I love you Liz, and I can't stand seeing you like this.

L: Brody, your cool, but you don't love me, you don't know what love is.

B: (Offended) Oh, and you do?

L: What are you saying?

B: I am saying you think that just because you have his child in his stomach that he is magically going to fall in love with you?

L: I don't need this (Takes Rose from Brody) I'm leaving

Liz gets up and stomps to the door but stops when she hears Brody speak.

B: (Not looking at her) I am telling you mom.


B: You heared me, Im telling your mom about your black eye.

L: You wouldn't

B: (Looks at liz) I love you Liz, and I care enough to do what is best for you, even if it does end up with you hating me. You can tell her about the baby when you feel ready but you need to end it with Trent.

L: I can't believe you! I thought you were my Friend! You know what! Don't talk to me anymore, I don't need nor want you in my life if you can't simply be on my side for once! Goodbye!

Liz storms out of the house in a fit of rage. Brody stands in the living room for a few seconds then goes and sits on the couch and picks up the phone and dials a number, Leans over the arm rest with is hands over his eyes holding back tears.

B: Hello, Mrs. Briggs, I have to tell you something about your daughter.

-Black out- Scene-