Danielle Vs. Donatello

Synopsis: Danielle Mavin absolutely loathes her next door neighbor, Donatello Capriolla. She and Capriolla have been rivals since grade school. Though both of them thought that their respective career choices would separate them, they happen to end on the *same* block as each other where Don throws block parties every weekend to celebrate the release of the latest, hottest video games. She finally is fit to be tied with all of his noise and enters one of his parties herself to confront him and oddly enough those old feelings start resurfacing...


Danielle Mavin:

Donatello Capriolla:

Darian: (son of Dani and Don)

Aaron Liebowitz: (Dannie's first love, Don's best friend)

Henrietta Mavin: (Danielle's mom)

Edwin Mavin: (Danielle's dad)

Giovanni 'Jack' Capriolla: (Don's dad)

Anna Tesora Capriolla: (Don's mom)

Mimi Capriolla: (Don's younger sister)

Victorio 'Victor' Capriolla: (Don's elder brother)

Starla Ruiz: (Danielle's best friend)

Glenn 'The Giant': (Donatello's 'bouncer')

MC McPhee: (Donatello's DJ)

Scene 1-Rivals from Youth

(From the very beginning scene as soon as the title is introduced, Danielle and Donatello are seen in competitions, one besting the other and then always bragging or boasting about it. At one point in time, they are seen making a report together and loathing every moment of it. 'Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better' plays in the background until the last scene where they go their separate ways and we sense that Danielle and Donatello are no longer in each other's radar...until...)

(Across the street in Danielle's neighborhood we hear LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem blazing at 11 on the volume scale.)

Danielle: (Trying to read a book, but distracted) Every. Single. Stinking. Night ! (enraged) I can't take it anymore ! I have had it up to (gesturing, getting up out of her recliner) here listening to that rube play his music until the wee hours and disturbing my circadian rhythm ! (walks up to Donatello's house) This is the place. I am going to give this jerk a piece of my mind ! (approaches the party, and sees the bouncer) Oh...eh...Hello. (reads nametag) Glenn.

Glenn: (stoicly) They call me The Giant, miss.

Danielle: I can aptly see why.

Glenn: Do you have an invitation to Donatello Capriolla's block party ?

Danielle: (flashback of Donatello and their past, especially his mocking of her) Did you just say Donatello Capriolla ?

Glenn: Yes, I did. I would sugguest cleaning the wax out of your ears.

Danielle: My ears are clean, (firmly) Glenn. I know Don. We went to school together and we were always trying to outdo each other. I'm Danielle Mavin. I can understand why I wouldn't be on his guest list.

That d-bag thinks he's better than me.

Glenn: Well if you're an old friend of his, come on in !

Danielle: (muttering) I wouldn't put it that way.

Glenn: (inquisitively) What was that ?

Danielle: Nothing ! (straining herself and acting the part of a friend) It's been so long since I saw the old fox. I wonder how he's been !

Glenn: Don't stand there flappin' your gums at me. You're missin' the party of the decade. Go on in girl ! (nearly slaps her on the butt as she walks in)

Danielle: Hey. Looksee but no touch, Giant.

Glenn: (still deadpan and stoic) Party pooper.

(scene shift)

Scene 2-Turn It Up A Little Higher, MC McPhee !

Don: Let's give it up for the man at the turntable, Mc McPhee !

(The crowd whistles, cheers, hoots, hollers and praises the MC boisterously. He plays The Black Eyed Peas 'I Gotta Feeling' followed by Daft Punk's 'The Dance' and 'Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Pretty Momma)')

Danielle: (marches up to Don through the crowd, politely excusing herself) I have no grievance with you. I want to talk to him.

(The crowd parts and leads the way to Don, who starts dancing with her at 'Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing')

Don: (stops when he dips her and realizes who she is) Oh, no WAY !

It's you ! Amazin' Mavin !

Danielle: (unamused and non-enthusiastic) Yes, you win the prize, Don. Hurrah.

(Skrillez's 'Rock n' Roll Will Take You to the Mountain' plays in the background)

Don: (actually impressed she had the courage to storm into his party) What brings you into my neck of the woods, Danny ?

Danielle: (composing herself and breathing a little) You know I hate that nickname. I just wanted to tell you you're disturbing the peace.

Don: (flippantly) Disturbing the peace ? (mockingly) Why, I never ! Not once did anyone in the whole city block ever complain about my sick beats ! (loudly, nearly making Danielle deaf) Mc ! McPhee !

McPhee: Yeah, bro ?

Don: Turn up the BEATS, brosef !

McPhee: Can, done, did !

(One Direction's Let Me Kiss You plays and then Hey Must Be the Money)

Danielle: (Grumbling and nearly charging at him) I swear, I will ruin you. Mark my words...I'm going to find a way to make you look like an imbecile. For now, you've won this round, Don Cappriola. (proudly and confidently) But mark my words ! You ! Will ! PAY !

Don: Shakin' in my Chuck Taylor's, sweetbuns. HA !

(Scene fade)

Scene 3-Super Soaker REVENGE

Danielle: (cackling maniaclly) One super soaker filled with mixture of tomato and red Kool-Aid, heh heh. Check. Get ready to be filled with regret and the worst stains known to humanity, Don.

(An Updated Version of Stayin' Alive is playing over at Don's rave, which Danielle slips into covertly. She makes ready, aims and then sees her old ex boyfriend dancing the night away with her nemesis.)

Aaron: Hey ! Danni ! Didn't think you'd be showing up for another one of these mad raves ! What brings you here ?

Danielle: (trying to hide the super soaker behind her back) Erm, um, well... I was in the neighborhood.

Aaron: (sees the super soaker and takes it from Danielle) Woah ! A super soaker ! Lemme see !

Danielle: Wait...no...Don't...

(He sprays her with the soaker, completely drenching her.)

Don: (trying not to laugh)

Danielle: (grabs the soaker back) I'll...just take that back now.

Aaron: (busting a gut) I am so sorry...I didn't think it was loaded !

Danielle: (taking Don by the hand) We...need to talk.

Don: O...kay then.

(They head outside)

Don: I have to admit, the super soaker was quite a nice touch. Just sorry that my friend hammered you with it.

Danielle: (feeling a bit embarrassed) I admit, I was in the wrong trying to sabotage your party. I was being childish.

Don: (trying to keep himself from laughing)

Danielle: Go ahead and laugh at me. It is hilarious, after all. (chuckling)

Don: I can give you a change of clothes if you want. You're a mess.

Go ahead and use my showers, I won't mind. I'll be more than happy to get those stains out of your clothes.

Danielle: You'd...do that for me ? Even after I tried to make you look like a doofus ?

Don: (winks) I do have my virtues.

(Scene shift)

Scene 3-Alone With the Enemy

(everyone from the party is gone for the evening)

Don: Are you alright, Danielle ? Decent ?

Danielle: (coming out in Don's clothes, looking actually really adorable and quite fetching) Yes. Thank you. I really appreciate you going to all this trouble.

Don: It was the gentlemanly thing of me to do. Hey, I was curious.

Do you know Aaron Liebowitz ?

Danielle: (winces) We...dated.

Don: (feeling a bit ashamed) Oh. I didn't mean to dredge up the past.

Danielle: The first time I saw him again was at your party. We haven't spoken in years. But I can see he's changed quite a bit.

Don: (raises an eyebrow quizzically) You don't still have feelings for him do you ? Should I be worried ?

Danielle: No. Wait...what ?

Don: Oh, nothing. I was just admiring how cute you looked.

Danielle: Don't get too used to it, Donny. I'd better be going.

Thank you for everything.

Don: (lightly grasps her arm before she leaves) I was just wondering.

Danielle: (slightly irritated) What ?

Don: Would you let bygones be bygones and...take me up for an offer for a date ?

Danielle: (unamused, crossing her arms, but slightly intriegued)

Why ? You know we still hate one another, right ?

Don: (claps her on the shoulder) Let it go, Danni. I have to tell you. Ever since I was in school, I idolized you. You were always superior to me.

Danielle: (surprised) You're...joking right ?

Don: No. Why would I do that ? I want to have another try at getting to know you, Amazin' Mavin.

Danielle: No funny business. Right ?

Don: (pouting somewhat) I wouldn't kid you, Danni.

Danielle: Fine. You've convinced me. It's a date. When are you free ?

Don: Saturday, 5:00 pm. How does that sound ?

Danielle: (checks her schedule on her Iphone) Seems that I have that day completely free. I'll give your clothes back then as well.

Don: Something to look forward then. I know just the place to take you. Wear your best outfit. I'll be dapper for the occasion too.

Danielle: (stroking her chin) This should be a most intrieguing development indeed. I'll see you Saturday, Don.

Don: Until then, Danni.


(Scene fade)

Scene 4-Something in the Way She Moves

Danielle: (in her best dress for the evening, chatting to her best friend over the phone) Starla, is it wrong that I am dating a former rival ?

Starla: Not at all, Danielle. All of that is dust in the wind. What's past is passed. Just go out and have fun. After all, it's about time you got yourself a good lookin' man. I can't be the only one living a life of wedded bliss with a bun in the oven, right ?

Danielle: Of course not. I'll just be myself.

Starla: Alright, but you gotta give me details later, chica !

Danielle: You bet. Te amo, amiga.

Starla: Te amo tambien.

(She hangs up)

Danielle: (inhales and exhales deeply)

(A Saxophone version of Lady In Red plays in the background as Don drives up and gawks at her a couple of seconds. He parks his car, turns off the ignition and escorts her the vehicle. She has his used clothes with her, neatly folded and perfectly cleaned.)

Danielle: Thanks for being such a gentleman and letting me borrow these.

Don: No thanks necessary. I've never seen my clothing so spotless before.

Danielle: It's all about the right kind of fabric softener, bleach and detergent.

Don: You never cease to impress me. You seem to have knowledge about everything. A veritable Reinaissance woman !

Danielle: (laughing) You are too, don't discount yourself.

(scene shift to a fancy French restaurant, where they both order in French and understand the waiter and menu)

Danielle: I didn't know you spoke and understood French !

Don: Neither did I. You're just full of surprises.

(Romantic French jazz plays in the background)

Danielle: How ever could you afford this place ? La Bastille is hard to enter even with reservations.

Don: I have connections, my dear. I wanted to make a good first impression. Let you know I'm not into playing games. Unlike the guy you knew back in school, I've changed.

Danielle: (leaning forward, inquisitively and a bit playfully) Really ?

How can I be so certain ?

Don: (takes her hands tenderly) Trust me when I say that from my youth, I found you irresistable. However, the only way I knew to express myself was to be in direct competition with you. I know it may be a little early to say this now, Danni, but...I'm in love with you.

I have been ever since we were kids.

Danielle: (is speechless for a moment) I had my suspicions of that but you were always surrounded by girls. I was the 'bookish' one that everyone whispered about. It wasn't easy for me back then, but you were the golden boy.

Don: None of those girls are the lady you are. You're different. You're rare, beautiful and a treasure. I...don't want to lose you again.

Danielle: (blushing hotly) I don't know what to say, Don. I never really thought of you as an ally. You've been so kind to me. All of this is simply too much.

Don: I'll take care of you, if you let me. Just give me a chance.

Ah, here's our meal ! Right on time. Merci beaucoup.

(The waiter nods and smiles brightly at them both after serving them with a pleasant 'du rien' and quickly pivots to walk away.)

Don: (inhales slowly) I haven't had French food in such a long time. It all smells heavenly. Let's eat !

Danielle: Don't mind if I do.

('Heaven' plays in the background.)

Don: Might I have this dance ?

Danielle: (winks) First time for everything. (gives Don her hand)

(They dance the night away and he spins her into his embrace and lightly kisses her cheek.)

Don: I hope everything met your expectations. Believe me, I'm full of surprises.

Danielle: I don't doubt it ! (she laughs) This has been splendid.

(she draws him close for a hug and a kiss on the cheek)

Don: (boldly but gently draws her near for a kiss that makes her pop her foot out much like your typical romantic story)

Danielle: Mon dieu.

Don: My thoughts exactly, cherie. (looks at his watch) It's getting late, and we both have work tomorrow. I'd better escort you home.

Danielle: So gallant.

Don: Anything for m'lady.

(He leads her to his car where an instrumental version of 'One More Night' plays as he drives her home)

(Danielle sings 'I Could Have Danced All Night' to her friend on the phone as she dances to the music.)

(Then she sits down on her recliner)

Starla: I take it everything went wonderfully ?

Danielle: Starla, it was better than that. It was quite possibly the most magical experience I have ever had. I know that sounds cheesy.

Starla: No. It doesn't. If I were single, I'd be jealous of you, chica !

But I am elated. You deserve this happiness. Just enjoy it.

Danielle: (yawns) I need to go to bed. Gotta work tomorrow. You know how it is.

Starla: You bet. Especially with oncoming mouths to feed. Buenas noches, chica. Te amo mucho.

Danielle: Te amo, dulcita.

(scene fade)

Scene 5-Meeting the Parents and Family

(On screen the title reads 'A few weeks later')

Don: (calling her at work) Hey, babe.

Danielle: Hey yourself, hotness. Why are you calling me at work ?

Don: You're almost off the clock, aren't you ?

Danielle: Yes. The day's almost over and I'll be on my way home.

Why ?

Don: I'd like you to meet my family.

Danielle: (nearly spits out her coffee and almost chokes on it but swallows, coughing a bit)

Don: Danni, are you alright ? Coffee go down the wrong tube ?

Danielle: (coughing) You...could say that. So, just because you met my folks and all is hunky dory, fine and dandy you want me to meet yours ?

Don: Yes, and I happen to have a surprise for you too.

Danielle: (slightly nervous) Oh...good. I love surprises. When is this meeting going to be ?

Don: This weekend, at my place. No raves, just a dinner party.

Danielle: Ah, terrific. Should I come formally dressed ?

Don: Yes, even though you would look sensual in anything, or nothing at all.

Danielle: Don !

Don: I speak only the truth. And don't worry. I'll be there by your side. From what I have told my folks about you, they already approve of you.

Danielle: Step in the right direction, assuredly.

Don: I'll see you on the weekend though. Even though it's never too soon enough for me. I miss you.

Danielle: I miss you too. Kisses, love.

Don: J'taime, mon amour.

Danielle: Keep talking like that on the phone and we could have sexy problems on our hands.

Don: Mmm... Yummy. Goodbye, cutie.

Danielle: Au revoirs.

(She hangs up the phone right before the boss can catch her and dilligently completes the rest of the work she has to do before finishing for the day and clocking out.)

(scene shift)

(at Don's parent's house)

Giovanni: So this is the angel who wisked little Donnie's heart away ?

Ah, I can see why ! You are quite the dish if I do say so. (Anna hits him hard in the ribcage) OW !

Anna: Yes, yes, Gio. She is quite charming. I'm Anna. This is Gio, my husband.

Giovanni: (rubbing his side mouthing) Son of a bitch that hurt...

Mimi: I'm Mimi, and this big lug (brings her elder brother in for a huge hug) is my brother, Vic.

Victor: Hey.

Danielle: You've got quite the large family. Don talks a lot about you. Seems like you're all pretty close.

Vic: Oh definitely. We watch little brother's back if he needs help. But he's the one helpin' us most of the time. Don's super generous.

Mimi: So, what do you do ? Office work ?

Danielle: Yes, but it's nothing as interesting or fun as Don's job. He gets to play video games for a living. That's pretty plush if you ask me.

Don: You have the important job, sweetie. (brings her close for a kiss on the cheek and pats her hand)

Mimi: (is nearly squealing with glee)

Danielle: What's got you so ecstatic ?

Mimi: (wriggles eyebrows playfully) You just wait !

Anna: Don't just stand there like a meatball on spaghet. Come on in.

Gio: We have dinner waiting. Hope you like Italian.

Dani: It's actually one of my favorites. Never met a carb I didn't like.

Gio: Knew there was more than one reason Don liked you. (laughs)

(They talk and laugh for a while an instrumental version of Love Has Come For You plays)

Vic: (nudging Don in the ribcage) Bro, you gonna do it yet ?

Mimi: (nudging from the other side) Yeah ! Go on, we're only young once.

Don: You two are so impatient ! Fine. (clears throat) This is what I brought you here for. I guess the jig is finally up. (kneels down and presents Dani with a velvet box with a ring inside) Danielle Mavin, would you do me the honor of calling me your husband ?

Dani: (nearly spitting up her drink and sputtering) Don, we've only known each other for a few weeks at best. Don't you think this is jumping the gun slightly ?

Don: (flutters eyelashes) Maybe, but the heart wants what it wants. Look. I can't get you out of my mind. You've made my life better, day in and day out. I am not going to list off all the cliches I'm sure you've read in romance novels. They'd all be too mainstream and boring. I know you've heard them all.

Dani: Actually, I don't read romance novels, but I know to what you are referring. (she laughs)

Vic: What's your answer ?

Mimi: Yeah ! Suspsense's killing us, girly !

Anna: Give the woman a chance. Back off, give her space.

Gio: (gulps audibly)

Dani: Of course I will. I would love to.

(Picks her up and twirls her around while 'SWonderful plays in the background)

Mimi: Yea ! It'll be like having my very own sister !

Dani: (a little embarassed, inspite of herself) I really wasn't expecting this grand of a reception. I thought you would all be a little more rediscent of opening your arms to me.

Anna: No ! Nonsense. You're the best thing that's happened to Don.

Giovanni: Here, here. I say we raise our glasses in a toast to Danielle !

Vic: I second that motion ! (they all raise their wine glasses and clink them together)

Dani: (narrating) I could've have predicted any of this. It was all occuring much quicker than I would've wanted, but I loved the man. Like Don, I couldn't imagine living my life without him in whatever capacity. Our lives had become intertwined, and I admitted to myself that I couldn't have been happier.

(an instrumental version of 'Couldn't Be Happier' plays in the background as the scene shifts once more)

Scene 6-Life is a Party

('Buzzin' plays in the background and we see Dani dancing with Don and their son, Darian. 7 Years Later appears on the screen.)

Darian: This is the best birthday party EVER, mom and dad !

Don: Don't thank me, thank the company and DJ MC PHEE !

McPhee: (gives a huge thumbs up) Turnin' the big 7, my man !

Sweetness. Many happy returns, ya dig ?

Darian: Oh, I dig !

Don: And to think none of this would be happening now if you hadn't said 'yes'.

Dani: (chuckling) I couldn't be more certain I made the right choice.

Don: (twirls her closer to kiss her)

Dani: (kissing back, and narrating) Not one day passes that isn't fun or exciting in some way. Sure, we have our spats but they're nothing rowdy. We always come to consensus and never yell at one another. Some might say I married too quickly or was too young in having a family. I think that everything happened exactly when it was supposed to. You're probably wondering what happened to my best friend. She and her kids love playing with Darian. They love playing cops and robbers and video games. Their latest obsession is Pokemon. As for my ex, well, he's been long forgiven. He has a new love in his life and he shows up to the block parties now and then. We're actually friends again. Honestly I can say I am pleased he has a blessed life and Don's company treats him as well as the other employees well. One thing is definitely for certain. Life never prepared me to be a mother, but it is by far the best job I could ever learn to love. Darian teaches me more every day and I see the world through innocent eyes. It reminds me that deep inside, like Don, I'm a big kid. I just needed someone to coax her out again.

(End, roll credits, blooper reel, 'We Are Family' plays)