(In a dressing room. A Latin/Swedish boy with neck length brown hair, grey eyes, his left ear piece, an orange robe was writing in his diary and an orange ring on his left ring finger. It was orange with a music note on it.)

Alano(Thinking.): Dear Diary, Life at The Lingord Foster Home for The Gifted Talent has been great.

(Then a girl with a light brown pixie cut, blue eyes, gold earrings, a blue tank top, a red skirt and white go-go boots came in.)

Ryan: Alano, your on in 20 minutes.

Alano: Thanks Ryan.

(Then she left while Alano wrote in his diary.)

Alano(Thinking.): I even remember how I got started, with the death of my parents. They were flying to Mexico to resume they're musical careers when the plane crashed after the engine caught on fire.

(At Rose Hills Memorial Park, people were gathered around the graves of Alano's parents.)

Alano: I'll miss you Mom and Dad.

(A few days after the funeral, Alano was riding in a dark green van with a couple. )

Alano(Narrating): Without the money to go back to Panama or Boston, I was forced to live with my dad's college roommate at, "The Lingord Foster Home for The Gifted Talent". A foster home for disabled children with preforming talent in Bel Air.

(Out of the car came an overweight Caucasian man with shoulder length blonde hair and glasses and a British woman with light brown hair in a bob and blue eyes. Alano was wearing an orange t-shirt hoodie, dark orange pants and orange sneakers. Bob was wearing a light green shirt, dark green jacket, blue jeans and black shoes, and Serenity)

Alano: This is beautiful Mr. Lingord.

Bob: Alano, call me, "Bob" that's what your dad called me in college.

(They walked inside the white 3 story mansion with beautiful flowers. Inside the home were foster kids from ages 4-15 and they were all having fun.)

Bob: I have to do a last rehearsal for The T.J Gold Show with Ryan and The Dolenz Sisters and Serenity has to pay bills, I'll get one of the foster kids to give you the tour.

(A Chinese girl came in with shoulder length black hair, a red tank top, a red skirt, red and white stockings and sneakers. She was skateboarding through the hallways.)

Jane: Hi Bob. (To Alano) You're the new kid huh?

Alano: Yes, I'm, "Alano Juarez".

Bob: Jane, what have I told you about skateboarding in the building?

Jane: Sorry.

Bob: That's okay.

(He went off for the last rehearsal for The T. J Gold Show. Jane took Alano to the kitchen, playroom, backyard pool, garden, outdoor theater, and gym. In the gym was an Aboriginal boy with short black hair covering his left eye and yellow gym clothes.)

Alano: Hello.

(C. C went up to him.)

C. C: You're the new kid are you?

Alano: Yes.

C. C: Names, "Caden Colin Archill", but everyone calls me, "C. C".

(After he changed into his regular clothes which is a black tank top, a grey bandana and ripped jeans and black boots he joined the tour. They went to the dining room, the girls dorm, the boys dorm, the dining and the Library. There he met a boy with short blonde hair, round glasses, a dark green shirt over a light green t-shirt, medium green shorts, green socks and white shoes.)

Alano: Andrew!

Andrew: Alano!

(They both hugged.)

Jane: Alano, do you know him?

Alano: Yes, "Andrew Fresco" was my best friend and cabin mate at music camp. I didn't go this year because of my parents' reunion tour, why didn't you go this year?

Andrew: Our home was having budget cuts.

(They finished they're tour by entering the auditorium where all the students perform they're acts. On stage were 2 girls dressed like candy-coated flappers. The tall one was, "Nina Dolenz" she had torso-length dark brown hair, pink eyes, and freckles and the short girl next to her was her younger sister, "Wendy". She had dark brown hair in pigtails, and a light green flapper dress. Then came in a girl with a light brown pixie cut, a light blue flapper dress, and she looked like Serenity.)

Alano: Who's the girl with the pixie cut.

Jane: That's Bob's eldest offspring, "Ryan".

Alano: Ryan's a girl?(Then he passes out.)

(50s music began to play and the girls started to preform.)

Ryan: You were a cute guy, in the ice cream sky. My Sprinkle Dinkle Minkle, My Cherry Top.

Nina and Wendy: My Cherry Top Top, your a gumdrop.

Ryan: I love you My Cherry Top.

Nina and Wendy: My Cherry Top Top, I don't want to stop.

Ryan: My love for you is real, it's not a big deal, I don't want us to be like sour balls, you're the cutest guy of them all.

Nina and Wendy: My Cherry Top Top, I will lovebop.

Ryan: Your my sweet Cherry Top.

Nina and Wendy: My Cherry Top Top, I want top hop.

Ryan: When I see you one day, here is what I'm going to say, "Your my Cherry Top.".

Nina and Wendy: My Cherry Top Top, pop.

(After they're performance everyone applauded, then Jane came up to Bob.)

Jane: Bob, Alano passed out.

Bob: Not good.

(They went up to Alano.)

Bob: We need to wake him up.

Nina: I got this Bob.

(She got out a pistachio bar from her purse which has hearts on it and placed it by Alano's nose.)

Alano: Is this a pistachio bar?

(Nina gave her the pistachio bar and he ate it.)

Ryan: Are you okay love?

Alano: I expected you to be a boy.

Ryan: That's what every new foster kid says.

Bob: We got the name because we love it.

Alano: Okay.

(Later at the home's garden, Alano was playing his acoustic guitar when Andrew, CC, Jane and Nina came in. Nina was wearing a pink tube top, a purple mini skirt, pink pantyhose cut from the knees, and flip-flops. He pulled up his left sleeve revealing his music not shaped birthmark. Then a grumpy man wearing green clothes, he had black hair and sideburns and spoke in a Canadian accent.)

Ivan: Hey get out of my flowers eh?

(They started to sings 5 part harmony, after they finished the song, all the foster kids went up and cheered.)

Nina: They love us.

(At the backyard door, an overweight southern belle with armpit length blonde hair with magenta highlights came in with a Costa Rican girl with a red hoodie, green capris, red shoes and brown shoulder length hair, and a girl red hair dyed blonde and in pigtails, a star tank top, white mini skirt, green stockings and white high heels came in.)

Lullu: Foster Kids,

Mia: Please welcome the coolest kid in Bel Air,

Tiana: and son of a billionaire record producer,

All 3: "Trent Raymond Eric Gold III".

(Trent went by the pool and knocked a kid out of a chair. Alano got angry, he went up to them and started a fight. A man who looked like Trent stopped them. He had graying brown hair and a mustache. He wore a purple suit, rings on his fingers and black loafers. He noticed Alano's face and got shocked and left with Trent. Later, Alano was unpacking when he saw a gold ring with an orange jewel on it. Andrew told him that they never had welcoming rings before. He and C. C also got a ring to except Andrew's jewel is green and C. C's is yellow. As they put them on their left ring finger, a hologram of a line came up. The line made moves when it talked.)

Deep voice: Hello, I am a friend. Here are the instructions you must do, when everyone falls asleep, sneak out of your bedrooms, insert the R coins in the jukebox slot, type, "111893" and go inside the tube. I'll give you the rest of the details.

(Later that night everyone was soon asleep. Alano wore an orange t-shirt and plaid pajama shorts, Andrew wore green flannel pajamas and C. C wore a yellow tank top and tan pajama pants. Then they ran into Nina and Jane who were in their pajamas. Nina had a magenta tank top, light pink short shorts and her hair in a ponytail and Jane wore a purple shirt and light purple pajama pants.)

Alano: What are you girls doing out here?

Nina: We had an invitation.

Alano: Invitation?

(They revealed their left hand showing gold rings. Nina's had a pink, and Jane's was purple.)

Alano: You have the same rings as us.

Jane: Yeah, someone wants us to go to the jukebox, insert these weird coins(Shows coins with an "R" on it.) in it, type "111893" and go into the tube, their the person who gave us the message will explain the rest of the details.

(Then they heard footsteps.)

Alano: What's going on?

Andrew: It's Thursday, on Tuesday and Thursday, Mr. Woodman spends the night here so we wouldn't escape.

(They all quickly went inside the jukebox and it closed before Ivan showed up.)

Ivan: Thought I heard noises.

(They slide down the tunnel ending up in a secret laboratory filled with gadgets and robots. Then Ryan came in with a lab coat and square glasses.)

Ryan: Welcome lads.

Alano: Ryan! Your wearing glasses.

Ryan: I only wear glasses when I'm working on stuff and when I'm reading.

Alano: What's this place.

Ryan: It's my robotics laboratory, I'm the only one who knows because I built it.

Alano: Ryan, what's going on.

Ryan: A year ago when Ivan got hired, He was scaring the people who wanted to adopt children with his behavior. We did make money with father writing songs for bands and our charity events. Then one day I thought, I could make my own holographic band with 5 rings. I just needed a 5 part harmony group. That's when I heard you sing and found out you 5 are perfect for my project.

(Then an African-American woman came in. She had armpit length light brown hair, a red tank top, blue capris, red jewelry and high heels.)

Ryan: This is, "Niyanda" my supercomputer. I programmed her with the recordings of Aniki Noni Rose, the choreography of Beyonce, the swagger of Michael Jackson, and the fashion sense of Tyra Banks. It took me 5 years to build her. She was kept a secret due to falling into the wrong hands.

(Then she showed 4 instruments. A heart-shaped guitar, a purple bass guitar, a green keyboard and a yellow drum set.)

Ryan: Pick your instrument.

Nina: I love the heart-shaped guitar.

Ryan: I knew you liked the heart one Nina.

(Nina played the guitar with her left hand.)

C. C: Cool, a drum set.

(C. C did a drum solo.)

Andrew: A keyboard.

(Andrew did a keyboard solo.)

Jane: A bass guitar.

(She played a bass solo.)

Ryan: My rings can also sense memories on the people who wear them,(Looks at her utility watch) and according to my watch you took Salsa, Flamenco, Mambo, Samba, Tango, and Tamborito lessons.

Alano: Yeah, I'm the dancer.

(He showed off his dancing while the others played their instruments. After he danced, Ryan and Niyanda applauded.)

Ryan: The T. J Gold Show is tomorrow at 4 pm, and their in for a surprise.

Alano: What will you do?

Ryan: Okay, I'll sneak into the special effects room while you do the show. I went on tour many times and the special effects guy always sleeps on the job.

Alano: We must get some sleep.

(The next day at Sunnydays Studios' Studio G, T. J was having his talk show on.)

T. J: Welcome to, "The T. J Gold Show". Today's topics are Immigrant celebrities,

(Meanwhile backstage. Alano was wearing an orange tank, a red-orange tank hoodie, orange jeans and flip-flops, Andrew had a light green polo shirt, a mint green hoodie, dark green shorts and socks and white sneakers, Nina wore a magenta t-shirt, a pink skirt and flip-flops, C. C wore a grey bandana, a yellow tank, a tan vest, grey jeans and yellow boots, Jane wore a purple fedora, a stripped purple shirt, dark purple shorts and boots, and Ryan wore a blue polo shirt, a aquamarine vest, a grey skirt and ballet flats.)

Alano: Okay, after does the interview with Claudia, we perform on stage?

Ryan: Yes. Now to activate, say, "Shout it Out Niyanda".

Alano: Shout it Out Niyanda!

(A beam came out of their rings and turned into rock stars. Alano's had an orange jumpsuit with a D, red gloves, boots and cape and an orange star on his left eye, Andrew hair turned green and he wore green star-shaped glasses, a green shirt with a, "D" on it, Nina hair turned pink and wore a pink tank top with a, "D" on it, long dark pink gloves and skirt, pink stockings, rose-pink go-go boots and a pink heart on her right eye, C. C hair turned yellow and wore a yellow top with a, "D" on it, yellow pants, gloves and boots, and aboriginal make up, and Jane hair turned purple and was wearing a purple shirt with a royal purple, "D" on it, magenta bell bottoms, purple platform shoes, light purple fingerless gloves and a purple rain drop on her left eye.)

Alano: We're rock stars!

Ryan: I already booked you guys an hour ago, Good luck.

Alano: Thank you.

(She ran to the control room to work on the effects.)

Andrew: Now we need names so we could keep Niyanda a secret.

Alano: "Naranja Cancion" it means "Orange Song" in Spanish.

Nina: I go for, "Sparkles" because I love sparkly stuff.

C. C: I'll go for, "Hardbeat".

Andrew: I'm doing, "Tuneup".

Jane: I'll do, "Rainsound".

Naranja: Good names.

(Ryan snook into the control room, their the technician was sleeping on the job. She put on her glasses and activated the disco ball.)

T. J: People we're experiencing some technical difficul-(Ryan presses the trap door button.)tttttttiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeees!

Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen, "The Diego Dancers".

(The Diego Dancers thought up the song that Alano wrote, "We're Just Getting Started".)


Stop the presses, there's a new band in town.

We're going to make you dance all around.

We'll make people true.

And we're going to sing for you.

Because we're just getting started.

We're just Getting Started.

(Everyone applauded, except for Trent who stared angrily. Then T. J came in with a headache and was angry at The Diego Dancers for ruining his show.)

T. J: Hey!(The Diego Dancers turned towards him.)You kids can't play here, you must book before the show starts!

All 5(They pointed to Ryan): She booked us!

(Ryan waved to T. J.)

Serenity and Bob: Ryan?

Henry: She's in trouble!

Serenity: Henry!

T. J: We'll continue our show after a commercial!

(He went to the control room.)

Ryan: If my band wins, you give the foster home 2 million dollars.

T. J: And if father will be fired.

(After he left, The Diego Dancers came in to see Ryan.)

Naranja: Now how will we turn back to normal?

Ryan: Say, "Shout it down Niyanda".

(Place his left hand to his face.)

Naranja: Shout it down, Niyanda.

(They turned back to normal. Later at Goldenrod Records, The gang was looking around his office when Alano found blueprints in T. J's desk. They read it.)

Alano: "Goldenrod World, 5 star houses, 7 movie theaters, a large shopping mall, a large roller rink, 4 music stores, 2 recording studios, and a bowling alley, and it will take up, The entire Bel Air."

(They were all shocked in horror.)

To be continued.