The moon's calloused hand
left bruises on the body of the sea.
Chimes of the church bell
Echoed in the distance.
To when the hour of evil had arrived.

Faint screams
Of tortured voices
were heard over the hills of war.
Vices ruled the hearts of men, virtues long forgotten.
And kings reigned with iron fists.

The people cried out in sorrow
And pleaded for fair treatment.
Pleas that fell on deaf ears:
a product of greed.

Then, it appeared.
Like a ray of light in an accumulatin of anguish,
the majestic bird flew.
and brightening the night sky.

It fought...and won!
Over the hearts and minds of evil men.
Good had finally triumphed,
just as the sun reared its mighty head.

The townspeople cheered
as the abbot rang the bell and
the sun's gentle hand
caressed the body of the shimmering sea.