Stage Fright

I wrote this poem for my poetry club at school. They said that I had to present it and that I had to "make it count". So, I decided to write a poem about how I would feel during my presentation, hoping that they all would get the message...

Dear God, I pray, please help me do well.

My palms are sweating, and I'm not feeling swell.

My heart thumps harder as my turn approaches,

In fear my hopes and dreams will be broken.

I walk out on stage, unnoticeably shaking,

The audience is silent, patiently waiting.

It scary being out there all on my own,

The crowd's intense stare turns me to stone.

As I spoke I found that my words were trembling,

Yet they echoed throughout the quiet assembly.

When I finished, I was so nervous that I could collapse,

That is, until I heard great, thunderous claps.

The sound was harmonious, music to my ears,

It was the best feeling I've felt in years!

I sighed in relief, my smile so bright.

It was then when I knew I'd conquered stage fright.