Free Country

Free country huh?

Free country?

What about us that are squished into boxes

Can't be who we are because society wants us to fit into the same type of box as everyone else

What about us that can't be our selves because we are scared of what people will say

Scared of being rejected by our family

Scared of losing a job

Scared of losing a house

Scared of losing those closest to us

Scared of…

Scared of all the what ifs

Because society wants to put us into a box where we don't belong

We are forced to worry about what people will think when we step out of the box

And be who we are deep down.

So what was that again?

A free country?

Well what about people who can't marry the person they love because they happen to be of the same gender

Or what about those who were born in the wrong body and want to get out

Want to be of a different gender because that is how they feel safe, comfortable and open

Yet that is the state in which they are most vulnerable because their rights aren't protected by the laws.

So for them is it a free country?

The citizens who were born here

Grew up here

Might not have ever set foot out of the country

Yet their basic rights to nondiscriminatory work and housing is denied to them?

Free you say?

Do you still say this is a free country?