It was on Friday the Thirteenth that two robbers named Steve and Bruce broke into the home of Doctor Walter Oldman and started to tear the place apart in an attempt to find something to score some quick cash with.

That was before Steve saw that a large mirror had been missed by both him and his partner which made Steve let out a huge smile before he picked up a small bust of Sigmund Freud and was getting ready to throw it at the mirror.

But just as he was about to do that, Bruce grabbed Steve by the wrist and said, "Don't do that! It's bad luck!", only to have Steve shove Bruce away from him and say, "Just relax and stop being so superstitious! I know what I'm doing!", before he threw the bust at the mirror and shattered it into tiny pieces to expose a long corridor that had been hidden behind the mirror.

"What the hell is that?", asked a curious Bruce just before he and his partner had suddenly heard a loud inhuman growl that kept on getting louder as it moved closer to the new opening and forced the two robbers to pull out their guns and shoot at the newly discovered hallway.

But when they saw a monster that looked like a cross between Godzilla and one of The Terrible Thunderlizards lunge out of that corridor and towards those two crooks, both Steve and Bruce had no choice but to scream their lungs out before that creature jumped on Steve and started chowing down on him which forced a frightened Bruce to run out of that house and pass Walter in the process.

And when he saw a trail of blood leading into the corridor, Walter sighed and asked, "Are you full?"