I say yes, you say no;

I want to stay, you want to go.

My plans are for two, yours are apart;

I want to reach the end, yet you aim for the start.

I see life in shades of black, you see them in white;

For you I'm always wrong, and you're right.

I want things to change, you don't mind to keep them the same;

I'm left behind in the dust, while you keep the gain.

Those moments I hate you, yet you blindly love me;

I feel like I'm caged, while you're off running freely.

I think with my head, you follow your heart;

I see the world through science, while you view it as art.

I'm like the yin, while you are my yang;

Sometimes you frustrate me, but you really understand.

We may be different, complete opposites;

But we're each other's missing link, we're each other's compliment.