The Worth Of Riches:

By Fantasyficcer86:

Chapter 1: Leave Takings:

The sun was hot on his face as he looked into the clear blue sky. He judged that they were going to have a hell of a storm blow down come night fall. He looked over his things one more time. Synching here and, retying there. He checked the door of his one room hut then, mounted his mule. He guided the mule through the sparsely wooded area, in which he lived, carefully. His Parents had named him Mason when he had been born, some twenty years ago. His Father and, Mother had been taken by a bout of yellow fever nearly ten years gone now. Sometimes Mason wished that he had not been immune to the illness yet, here he was. He had caught the damn thing then, he'd survived it. He was powerfully sick before he didn't die though. He had turned yellow and all, that was a bad case alright when a man turned yellow and all. He'd beat it though some how, some way he'd beat. He still wondered why this could be.

A few days ago a friend of his by the name of Markus Johnson came by to tell him of the gold rush that was happening in California.