Growing Up

"Please don't tell anyone," Abby pleaded. "I don't want to have to move."

"Why would you have to move?" Logan asked. A startling suspicion began to form in his mind. "Are you living here alone? Did your grandma die?"

"No, she's in Florida," Abby answered. "She left right after Christmas, and she's coming back in March. I convinced her to let me stay here without her. She knows how responsible I am, and the Morgans are right across the street if I need anything. I call her every day and let her know I'm alright."

"That's an awful long vacation," he commented.

"She actually wants to move there permanently, but I talked her into waiting until I finish high school." Abby looked very uncomfortable as she continued speaking. "She's got a, uh, well, um, a boyfriend there."

Logan smiled in amusement as he imagined some old man trying out pick up lines on old ladies at bingo. "She sounds pretty cool for her age."

"She's only fifty-three," Abby said. "My mom was only seventeen when I was born. My grandma always said that she grew up too fast."

"Which is why you're taking it slow," he guessed.

She appeared to think that over. "I don't know. I've just always enjoyed being a kid."

"We'll have to continue this conversation another time." Logan turned to walk back toward the stairs.

"Wait." Abby hurried after him. "You won't tell anyone, will you?"

"No," he promised. "I won't tell."

She exhaled in relief. "Now that you know, I was thinking that I could ask my grandma if I can go out with you. I mean, if you still want to."

He stepped off the last stair and turned back to look at her. "Of course I still want to. Do you think she'll let you go?"

Abby nodded. "I think she will after she talks to Mrs. Morgan. She's already met you, and my grandma trusts her to look out for me."

He couldn't hold back his grin. "So, you like me, huh?"

"Yes," she said in her straightforward way. "I was also thinking that I'd like you to kiss me again." She walked down to stand on the last step, bringing her face to face with him.

He saw her standing there expectantly and realized that she meant now. "Not while you're wearing that."

She was puzzled by his reason for refusing her. "Why?"

"Because I'm having some very grown up thoughts about you, Abby. You look too sexy right now. I'd better go."

His words had a strange effect on her body temperature. "You think I'm sexy?"

Logan's eyes fascinated her, because they had darkened considerably. She had an unfamiliar fluttering sensation in her stomach as his gaze slid down her body.

"I've gotta get out of here," he said in a husky voice that was oddly thrilling to her.

She followed him to the door and shivered in the cold draft of air as he stepped outside. Logan turned to look at her one last time. "Please don't open the door to anyone when you're dressed like that. You might think like a kid, but not everyone does."

"Okay." Abby closed and locked the door after saying goodnight. She was still in no hurry, but she thought that growing up might not be so bad after all.

She got the okay to start dating Logan, but he was no longer allowed to come over and visit until her grandma returned from Florida. They began to spend some time at his house instead, and Abby met his parents. She thought it was funny how he took every opportunity he could to sneak a kiss behind their backs when he hadn't wanted to the night they were alone at her house.

"I wanted to," he told her after she teased him about it.

"Then why didn't you?" Abby asked.

"Because sometimes it's hard to stop at kissing when you're alone," he explained.

"Oh." She thought he must be talking about sex, and that was a subject she had found very unappealing when they had covered it in health class.

The kisses they shared were brief and similar to their first kiss in her kitchen. He kissed her in the same manner after their first date. Then he leaned in for a longer, deeper kiss that ended with both of them taking in shallow breaths of air. It was only after he left, and she felt her tongue still tingling that she realized she hadn't even noticed the saliva.

When they saw each other in school the following Monday, Logan held her hand as they walked down the hallway together. It quickly drew the attention of many of their female classmates, and word that they were dating spread through the school. A disbelieving Tara soon tracked them down.

"You can't be serious, Logan," she huffed when she saw the evidence with her own eyes.

"I'm very serious about Abby," he said.

Tara turned a wrathful glare on Abby. "I told you he's mine."

"You were wrong," Abby informed her. "I was too. Kissing's not gross at all."

"Look at her and look at me." Tara preened to Logan. "What do you see in her?"

He looked at Abby and smiled. "She made a good impression on me."


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