Hours are spent day by day preaching words to other beating hearts. Greetings exchanged, words said, but they mean nothing at all. And to what avail…?

I spent hours preaching my thoughts to you, teaching you what I believe, feeding you my opinion. You sit and nod for hours, holding on to every word I speak to you. But the words I use mean nothing. They mean nothing in the order I gave them to you. They're just pretty words splattered on perfect parchment paper. I may spend these hours telling you a remedial tale of something that happened, but you don't hear anything beyond surface comprehension. It can't mean the same to you because you can't find the hidden meaning behind it. And to what avail…?

When all is said and done nothing has changed. The grass is still green, the sky is still blue, and nothing has changed. Everything remains the same. Nothing I said effected anything or anyone else in any way. So have we really talked at all?


But we don't need words.