A/N: This is the beginning scene to the one act play I've been working on for a contest. I'm not going to post anything else until after I hear about the contest (and/or revise it, because I was only allowed 12 pages, and this story should definitely be told with more). Let me know what you guys think of this scene, and maybe try to guess what the whole play is about!


Scene 1

[RAINE is sitting on her bed, writing in a journal.]

Dear diary... Isn't that what you're supposed to write? It feels silly... Maybe "Dear Future Me"? No, that's worse. "Dear Journal"? No... Oh well, it doesn't matter how I start. What matters is I'm writing. (Pause) I've never written in a journal before. Mom said I should. She said these are the days I'll want to remember, it being my senior year and all. I guess I might as well. [RAINE pauses, and chews on her pen or fidgets, as though thinking.] I'm not sure what to write about. Like I said, I've never done this before. Should I talk about what happened this week? Or what's happened in my life until now? (Pause) I guess I'll just do both. (Pause) Well, like I said, it's my senior year. Ava's still my best friend. She has been since third grade. [AVA enters, and sits on the bed flipping through a magazine, pantomiming talking.] We hang out a lot. She'll come over after school and stuff all the time. We have another friend, Mia. We met her freshman year. She moved here from a private school in another state. [MIA enters, carrying papers and a text book. AVA sets down her magazine and gets up from the bed. MIA drops her books, and papers fly everywhere. AVA helps her pick them up. They pantomime meeting and talking, and walk offstage.] Ava ran into her in the halls, and realized she was new and lost. [AVA and MIA return with lunch sacks and book bags and began pantomiming again.] She helped her find her classes, and invited her to eat lunch with us. By the end of the day, we were all friends. We hang out on weekends, go to football games in the fall and go shopping. We're inseparable. [AVA and MIA leave. RAINE pauses again to think.] I have a boyfriend. Devin. We met at the end of sophomore year. [DEVIN enters with a book, and sits on the bed beside her.] He's a bookworm, a total geek, and really shy. And such a sweetheart. We talked all summer, but we didn't start dating until junior year. I was his first kiss. [DEVIN looks up from his book, and RAINE leans over and kisses him.] I kissed him first. [DEVIN leaves.] We've been in school for almost two months. It's going really well. Amazing classes. (Pause) I'm happy, I think. I am. (Pause) I've been feeling weird lately. Not quite as happy as I was. I don't have much motivation. I'm tired. (Pause) But that's just part of being a senior, right? I'm sure of it. I'm happy, really. I am. I'm great. (Pause) I'm going to college here, too. Just the community college, probably. At least for the first two years. (Pause) That's all I have to write about, really. That's all.

[Lights fade to black. SCENE 1 ends.]