I remember the day I met her, it was mid-summer. I've seen her before, smiling among her friends, just like any other normal girls her age. She has long wavy brunette hair. Her eyes are still, somehow they were a contrast to the smile painted in her lips. Once I was put in the same class with her, but she never spoke to me during then. I was contented hearing her intelligent answers towards our teachers that sent their jaws dropping in amusement. I observed her from afar, she's quite a laid back person and would prefer sitting in a corner and reading or sketching something, she rarely listens to the teacher, sometimes she would spend the whole day chatting with her friends, occasionally laughing.

Then, one day I visited my favorite place in school, the library, its not like I'm a geek, I just like how peaceful it is in there. The students rarely visits the library, and from the 5 years I spent in there I had proven that. But I was awed when I saw her there sitting in my usual spot reading a book that I've never seen before, well it's not like a fan of books or something to tell what it was exactly. She seems preoccupied by it, as if she had gone to her own little world. Then she blinked and turned my way, "Its rude to stare." she said. I felt shivers run down my spine when she spoke, her voice was cold and indifferent. I was about to apologize when she smiled, "Just kidding."

I felt something when she stare at me, somehow suffocating. I quietly made my way on the table next to her. She just looked at me. She doesn't seem to recognize me. It's not a surprise though, my seat is in the last on the back, and I rarely engage in social things. I could even count in my fingers the number of people who knows I exist in the class. I took out a notebook from my bag and pretended to read my notes.

At the back of my mind I wanted her to notice me. But that's just silly.

"Something wrong?" I heard her ask, I look at her to confirm it was me she was asking. And yes, it was me. "What's with the whole stare-at-my-notebook-pretend-reading scheme?"

I blinked my eyes in disbelief, how can she tell I wasn't reading it? "When people read their eyes move, but yours are not." She said as if answering my mental question. Those moments I wonder if she could read minds or I'm just that transparent. "Are you okay?"

"Yes." I answered.

She laughed dryly, "Oh sorry, I shouldn't ask the obvious." she said looking at me. It's really is suffocating, her reddish brown eyes, I feel like their like strangling me.

I look down to avoid looking at her eyes. "What's your name?" she asked.

I knew it, she doesn't recognize me. "Reverie." I answered.

"I think I heard that before."

"I'm with the same class as you."

"Oh I see..." After a few moments I heard the chair stumbling down and I look at her. She's now standing from her seat leaning at me wide eyed. "Seriously?" she asked in disbelief. It sunk it her pretty slow.

I nodded. She stares intently as if she's examining me from head to toe. "Yes." I answered.

She laughs, "Sorry, I easily forget people's faces that I usually don't see." She grab the chair and fixed it back so she can sit in it. When she finally get to sit back her eyes widen before returning her gaze at me. "Ah I remember you, you're the one who sits at the back in the last row, Reverie Walter!"

She remembered me. I stare at her, someone like her remember such unimportant person like me. How can that be possible?