Its funny thing you know, that people who are innocent are the ones who carries the punishment for the sinners.

We only realize our mistakes, when someone points it out for us, or when the consequence becomes so visible. And when we do, the agonizing part about it is the only we could do about it is mourn over what have happened. We couldn't bring back something that had been lost. No matter how hard we try, what was lost could never be compensated again, the way we want it to be...

"Psyche!" Ren's voice echoed as he watch the brunette ran to her sister. It was a futile action, because no matter how loud he screamed for her, it was as if the girl only saw one thing, and that was the pain in her sister's eyes. She knew right then that she will face death again, but she was never afraid of anything to start with. The only thing that makes her weak in the knees were the sight of her sister, the pain in her eyes, and the yearning she sees in them.

Then there it came, a loud, deafening sound of a gun shot. Ren's eyes widen as he saw the blood pooling from Psyche, but the girl stood there right before her sister before returning to face him. "I-It's fine." she said with a faint and weak smile. The boy wanted to scream to her, to get angry at her, he knew that with such close range shot like that, the chances of survival is like a chance of winning a game lottery. He wanted to cry right then.

Psyche faced her sister who was trembling, her bloody hands that gripped the gun tightly were now losing it's strength. She calmly pressed her forehead against her sister's, "It's gonna be fine...Onee-san." she said softly.

"Its gonna be Christmas soon."

Ciel looked up at her sister who was almost pressing her face against the glass window looking at the snowing street outside their apartment.

"Christmas?" Ciel asked curiously, "You mean that thing Christians celebrate?"

"Yeah! Let's exchange gift Onee-san!" Psyche said cheerfully turning around to face her older sister.

"I...I mean I haven't...I don't know that and I'm not...Christian."

"Who cares? As long as we exchange gift it's fine, I mean that's the spirit of it anyways," she said before flailing her arms in the air, "Sharing!"

The next day, December 25th, Psyche ran out of the apartment. She was always the defiant one, even if their Dad would tell them to stay in, Psyche would always ran out of the apartment without anyone guarding her. She would return though eventually telling stories of people she met on her way. But that day, when she returned she came by her sister's room.

Ciel opened up her window for her and had her come in her room, "Dad will really be angry about this." Ciel said sighing.

"Of course he will." she laughs before placing in a box in front of her sister. "Merry Christmas."

Ciel was left dumbfounded, "I...I forgot."

"It's fine," she replied, "It's your first Christmas, consider it a bonus."

Ciel lifted the lid of the box revealing a beautiful gun, "It's...a gun?"

"Yeah, I heard from Martin and Dad you used to fancy them." she said smiling, "It's unlicensed though."

Ciel could only laugh, "Thank you."

People are interesting creatures. Just when you thought you know them, they'll do something unexpected. They are strong when you least expect them to be, people who we thought are weak might be the strongest person in the eyes of a certain someone. In this world there is nothing that we could assume what it seems as it is. People are defiant creatures, they aren't contented with what just fate gave them, they defy it and shape it to the way they want it to be.

I have gone to love people because of those reasons. They kept evolving, they kept seeking change.

And in depth of darkness, there is always someone, who will stand to light others' path even if the light burns her.

" proud of you silly." Psyche spoke her breathing hitching, and failing her as blood fills her insides. "Don't worry...even if...t-that bastard...leaves you...I...I promise, I'll be here, I...I won't leave you anymore..."

Ciel's tears started falling from her eyes involuntarily, her whole body shook. Psyche's body finally failed her falling forward to her sister as she wrapped her arms in her.

"It must have been lonely...I'm sorry...Onee-san, [1]gomen, kore wa ore no sei." Psyche said her voice slowly fainting into whisper, "It will be fine."


The burnt light shows you out of the abyss, but you know what's the sad part about that? The light cannot come out of the abyss with you, it stays in the abyss so that if someone gets lost again she can always point the way out.

Another thing about people is there bravery, their heart that gives them the ability to be able to sacrifice themselves to others.

They will take a bullet for someone who is willing to point a gun straight at their temple.

But wouldn't be better if the person who points the gun would realize that the person will take the bullet for her faster than she could pull the trigger of that gun? Because maybe that would make things much more simpler.

"Ciel-sama you have a visitor." the nurse announced sliding the door open and revealing the patient's father.

"You may leave us." Akari said and the nurse bowed her head leaving him and the patient with only several of the patient's guards. The girl sat on her bed with her hands on her lap. Her eyes were distant, and blank. "I'm here darling."

The girl didn't respond, she never does. Ever since that day, she never spoke, she just stare in a distant. She rarely ate, she rarely moved from her spot, she rarely slept. Akari knelt on one knee to level himself to his daughter before scooting her hands into his, kissing the back of it, "I'm sorry darling, I have to leave again today...I'm going to America to tie some lose ends." he said softly.

How that man wished he had came that day a little more earlier, how he wished he had always been there for them. How he wished he was a better man, a better father. What he couldn't do, his daughter did and paid for. Now he lost both of them.

In grave want to protect both of them, he lost both of them.

"Don't worry, I know she'll be watching you." Akari said before opening his wallet and taking a photo from it, he placed it in his daughter's hands, "I'm glad you're fine...or at least physically." he said before placing a kiss on the her forehead. "I have to go now, I'll be back in a week."

Akari stood and turn away walking towards the door.

" she?"

Akari's eyes turn to his daughter who sat on the edge of her bed holding in her hand the photo. She was looking at it tracing the outline of the person's face in the photo. Akari couldn't help but felt glad, "Her name... Psyche, she's my daughter."

"What a funny thing..." Ciel said staring at the photo, "She has the same name as my sister..."


People who were saved by that light they continue to live, with survivor's guilt, they know deep inside that no matter how much they might have tried they couldn't save a person who didn't wanted to be saved at first place. The lived through everyday thinking how much they wanted to save that light and yet, they couldn't, they were powerless.

But they couldn't bring themselves to think of dying, of killing themselves. Because they know that the light sacrificed herself for them, for their sake, for their life. That light held their lives precious, to an extent that she sacrificed herself.

And so they continue to live thankful of her.


Reverie turned to face the person who just called him. "Ren..." he replied putting his car keys back to his pocket. "Did Psyche told you come by?"

"Will you come with me?" Ren asked dodging the latter's question.

"Are you going to kill me?"

"If that's my goal, I should have killed you the moment I was here."

There was a moment of silence before Reverie answered, "Sure."

The two went to a cemetery, and Ren led him to a tomb with a familiar name carved in it. The moment Ren read the unfamiliar characters that were carved on the stone, Reverie felt his whole world crushing down. What if he didn't turned away from her that day, will that save her? If he could've told her that he believes her, would she still be alive?

"Her sister killed her." Ren said breaking the cold silence, "The girl you said that was Haru...was her twin sister Ciel...what she said was true...Ciel was disguising herself as Psyche or as you knew...Haru. She wanted to use you to get revenge from Psyche."

Sometime even with great effort we just can't achieve that certain thing, and that because we are humans...

"If only I...If I believed her..."

Ren could not say anything any further. He was as devastated as he was. He kept asking himself that what if he told her that it was a bad idea, what if he stopped her.

We are limited.

Though being limited by nature we are bound to the ground, but we can always be saved, we could always save others. If you become a light that burns itself as it shines on others who cares? It's a unique brilliance that many fear to show.

I learned that we people make mistakes, of course we do, we're never perfect to begin with. But we learn, and what we learn others may use so that the same thing won't happen the next time. We may not get the chance to straighten things up, but maybe others will be able to avoid committing the same mistake that we did and end up in a state that we fell into.

"Alexandra." The blonde turned to find his most loathed man in the whole world, her face twisted into sour and angry face.

"What are you doing here bastard? Did you got tired of taking care of my daughter and now willing to give her back? Or did Haru forced you to bring her back home?"

"...She's dead."

That moment Alexandra's world stop. She never loved Akari, but she loved her daughters so much, after all they were her flesh and blood. At first she hated it, she hated the fact that Haruhi grew up bearing the face of the man she loathed, the man whom wanted her daughter just for the sake of having one. But the child loved her dearly, never once said a word about her ill treatment towards her, her cold shoulder never broke that child's smile.

And what surprised her more was the pain in that man's face. It was so genuine she couldn't believe that he could hold such thing in him. It was as if he cared. It was so different with the way he looked to her when he said he wanted a daughter.

"Y-You're lying..."Alexandra said with trembling lips. She covered her lips with her hands.

"I wish I am." Akari said.

The door opened revealing a small boy, no more than five years old, "Mommy?"

"Get inside, Charles." Alexandra said tears on the corners of her eyes. The boy nodded before disappearing from their sight. Alexandra suddenly grabbed Akari's collar, "Who killed Haru! You bastard how dare you! Who killed my daughter!"

Akari wished he could lie, tell her she died in an accident, but he know lying wouldn't remove the fact, "Ciel...Ciel killed her."

"C-Ciel...killed her?"

No one could prepare a parent for something like that. No one could ever be prepared enough or strong enough to swallow it, to swallow the fact that your child, killed his own sister. The thought of it pushed her on the edge causing her tears to stream down.

Alexandra's grip from him loosen, and the door creaked opened as Benedict peeked from it, "Alex, what's..." he stopped as he found Akari there, he went out from the house and stood there next to his wife. "Akari...where is Haru?"

"She's dead, I'm sorry."

Benedict didn't think twice he landed a punch in Akari's face causing the man to fall backwards. "Y-You...H-How dare you?! You took her away from us, at least take care of her! You let her die! It's your fault! I...I cannot forgive you bastard! You took Haru from us, and now you...You let her die!"

He wanted to defend himself, say he didn't want that to happen either. But he couldn't bring himself to speak, they took care of Haru for the longest time, they shaped her into the light she became, they had all the rights to rage.

"I know...and I...I'm sorry." he said in a low voice, he pulled himself back to his feet.

"If you were only man enough to protect her! If only you were strong enough to be a father to her this wouldn't happen!" Benedict exclaimed.

"Yes. If only I was a father just like you."

We are punished through others. We are tortured by the looks in their eyes, by their pain, because the greatest pain we could inflict ourselves with is being strong at the moment we should be most vulnerable.

People are strong that way.

People are strong.

If there was something I learned from this, that is happiness is something you could never find yourself. You find happiness if you give it to others rather than hoarding it to yourself. When you give happiness to others they give you their's, that's how it works. You see, many of us keep seeking something that is right under their noses, and because we kept looking away we forgot where really it is.

"Congratulations on your debut Mr. Walker." the reporter said flashing a smile to the blonde writer who sat on his desk. Resting on top of the desk was his debut novel. "Your first novel When the Ice Melts is such a huge success, is there an inspiration behind it?"

Ren could only smile, his inspiration was held precious inside his heart, the memory of the girl who saved her that one snowy night in Russia. "Yes, and I'm sure wherever that person is now...she is proud of me as I am proud of her."

Happiness, sadness, pain, mistakes, that's what makes people tick, and that also causes people to be flawed. But you know what's the most special about them?

Because even if they are flawed, even if they are imperfect, they try...they try to be better, to do things better, ti make things better, for themselves, for others.

And that is why they are special.

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