Hey, you.

Yeah, you; next generation of Faggot America,

Why don't you go fuck yourself.

Or better yet, go kill yourself!

No one will miss your faggoty ass anyway.

Yeah, that's right, your a fag.

No, wait, you're not.

You're a dyke.

You're a fucking chick,

Not the man that you think that you are.

You'll never be the man you want to be

With your "manly heart" and all of that crap.

You'll always be a dyke, just waiting around

For the right time to take your life.

And I know what you're thinking now.

"Oh, I'm not a dyke. I'm a straight man."

Bullshit! You might be a dude in your mind,

But you're never going to be one.

Imagine coming out to dad.

He'd be glad that you're straight,

But not like this.

He'd disown you, and never talk to you again,

Not like you'd fucking mind.

And mom thinks that you're going through

Another fucking faze, like all of the other ones.

Remember when you were a nerd with

The special ed fags in elementary school?

Or the "peace" hippy faze, or the emo bookworm.

You'll never be anything, just another mask.

And even if this is who you are, you're still a fag.

You're a "dude"dating another dude.

You're going to hell for that.

And even if you stay a chick, you still

Aren't attracted to men.

You're going to hell for that.

Either way, you're going to hell, not like

God cares about you anyway.

Why the hell would he? You're just a

Stupid, worthless piece of shit that's

Going to kill itself before it turns 18.

So why don't you do it?

Just go kill yourself.

Everyone would be happy without you;

No one will miss your faggoty ass anyway.