Erebus Sword and the blade of Thanotos, float in the dark sigil, dark demonic energies flow from them and between them in the dark room above the red glowing hexagram. Both swords fade away as their energies merge in the center forming new weapon, a black katana. As the weapon floats in the center Rhulan walks over and pours a black liquid onto the hilt, only a few drops worth. It spreads out and forms a leather like woven cloth over the hilt. She takes the sword and leaves the room, quick to place it into a sub-space containment cube, a device she recently pilfered from her native universe, one of several to keep these dark ingredients separate from one another.

There is a knock on her door.

"come in," says Rhulan.

Enters a woman of refined beauty like an ancient Egyptian queen.

"Isis," says Rhulan, "what brings the second in command of the Society of Sorcery to my door today?"

"Evil," says Isis, "I sensed a dark power, not unlike a dark lord emerge in your domicile."

"Oh that," says Rhulan nonchalantly exiting into the next room and procuring the Sword of the Dark Master from her device,"

When she returns Isis has spread her rainbow blade feathers prepared to fight.

"No need for that," says Rhulan, "you are merely sensing this."

She shows her the blade, "an experiment," says Rhulan, "well, more so on my own talents than anything. I had made the two swords that could be merged into this one before, found the recipe, and decided to see if I could create one myself."

Isis retracts the blade feathers, "A sword of a dark lord," says Isis, "it takes a great deal of power to create one, and you did it in such a short amount of time…impressive, however as a resident of our Society I would implore you to fill out the proper paperwork and alerts before conducting such an experiment again, or similar research. Such dark and powerful energies suddenly emerging; you can see why that would be alarming to some of us."

"Of course," says Rhulan, "my apologies,"

Shortly after Isis leaves and heads up the marble steps she stops and turns around, the essence has vanished, pocketed away somehow.

"She knows a way to shield it," says Isis matter of factly, "I will have to keep a closer eye on her activities from here on out, her power grows exponentially it seems since she got here."