This is a true story about me and my experience on FictionPress. You might recognize it from when I posted it before, but I have now changed it into a 'story' because FictionPress doesn't allow non-story posts. So, I tried a creative way around the rules :)

Why was it so hard to get reviews?

I stared dismally at my computer screen, willing the numbers to be different. I had waited so long, and tried so hard, but there was no fooling the computer: only 3 people had bothered to review on my story.

I had written a story called Boys' Bantam. The few people who reviewed said it was interesting and original. At the end of each of the 6 chapters, I had begged future readers to PLEASE review and tell me what they thought. Only 3 had taken me up on my request.

I just did not understand. The rain slashing at the windowpanes seemed to mock me. The numbers in front of me clearly showed that 211 people had read my story. Of the 211, only 3 had reviewed? How was that even possible? 211 seemed a staggering amount of readers to just walk away without a word.

Sighing, I decided that most readers must not have enjoyed my story. Perhaps some of them had been unable to get through the first chapter. But as I turned off my computer, I wondered why they would not bother to tell me why they didn't like it. I wasn't just looking for compliments and praise. I could really use advice and critique, too. After all, the only way my story was going to get better was if my readers helped me out, right?

I thought back to my own experience reviewing. I knew that unless you were going to write an expert editor review, it would only take you 5 minutes to comment. I always reviewed every story I read, no matter how well-written or interesting it was. I knew that the writers appreciated that. Why was it so hard, then, for my own story to receive reviews?

Every time I went on FictionPress after that I desperately checked for reviews. Most of the time I was disappointed. And I knew I was not the only writer struggling. Many budding authors on FictionPress suffered from lack of reviews. I did my best to help them out, but just one person can't do it all. Many stories I reviewed, like The Person That You Are by WhiteRosie and Defining Moment by Lady Viola Delesseps, had no review before I came along. It just did not make sense to me.

When it was so helpful, yet so easy, I wondered how there could not be more reviews. Not just on my story, but on all the stories out there striving for attention. I resolved to always review, because I thought that was what made a story-sharing site like FictionPress so great.

Agree? Review and let me know ;)