"Okay. Yeah, I broke his heart. Don't look at me like that-a look of total and complete disgust for me, and pathetic pity for him. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! What, do you think I wanted to?! Yeah, because every girl just WANTS her best friend's heart to be broken! You think I led him on? Well, maybe I did. YOU HEARD ME. Maybe I did! But I sure as hell wasn't trying to. I mean, I didn't think I had to be careful with him. First of all, I thought he was head over heels for my friend. And…well, no one ever falls in love with me! Why the hell should he be any different? Anyways, it doesn't matter anymore, it's too late. You see, I do care about him, even if it's not the way he wants me to. I've never had a big brother before; he is mine. And I'm sorry he's in love with me, because I can never care about him that way-I care about him too much to be in love with him. You don't understand, do you? You've never understood things like this. You think romantic love is the strongest love in the world? It's not. It's the weakest, the shallowest, one that is forever changing. It never makes up its mind; it's a breakable, flimsy little shadow, a reflection of the greater love. For example, you claim you love him, and yet you want me to break his heart again, just so that you can get with him. Some love. Well, I won't do it. Yeah, you fucking heard me. I won't do it! And you can't fucking make me. Because you're not the only one with a broken heart; how do you think I feel?! Every single time I even look at him…Oh God. I hate myself. I HATE MYSELF! I hate myself. It's like I have a great, dark, beast that is devouring my heart…my soul. I feel so empty, so hollow. I love him; I love him! But it will never be enough-I'll never be able to give him the kind of love he wants from me. And I'm not going to break his heart just to please you. I've already done enough damage. So yeah. You can hate me. I don't care-but you'll never make me hurt him for the sake of your so-called 'love.'"