We live in a mirage of motion,
A facade of progress,
With prescribed emotions,
We display to the excess.

Our glasses are smudged,
And nothing is clear.
Our thoughts are all drudged,
We cannot stay here.

So many failures,
They're all adding up.
Like the harpoonless whaler,
We're all dried up.

This so-called reality,
Keeps us in fear,
But with our vast mentality,
How did we arrive here?

A slow growth of cancer,
Was manifested in words.
It promised us the answer,
We ran to them in herds.

Our vision was muddied,
By the sparkles in our eyes.
We should have studied,
We would have realized.

We danced to their deceit,
That was so cleverly laid.
Never asked for a receipt,
Though we surely overpaid.

Driven to insanity,
For things that matter not.
No greater a calamity,
Than a simple shot.

Listen to what is preached,
And you will surely die.
Unlike them that leeched,
You will try, and try.

Your own way you will go,
None can control you now,
But surely you do know,
We cannot help you now.

A simple cry for assistance,
Falls on dead ears,
For, with your hindrance,
Awaken all your fears.

Without a people united,
We have fallen fast,
Through idiotic differences, we have slighted,
Generations of the future, present, and past.