Chronic Theory Presents


I'm at the point of breaking

My cracks are too deep

There's no one who could do the fixing

Because of how steep

The wounds upon the broken shards

Of the thing I called a heart

The feeling of no love

Dims brighter than the stars above

Chronic Theory presents

I will never forget!:

I can't help but see

My brothers fight for me

I have to help my mother

For the sake of my brothers

But one by one they got shot and died

Bringing sorrow to my mother

We went to their graves today

To say good bye to my brothers

I will never forget that day!

I grew up to be a young lad

My brothers would've been proud

I met a girl I liked

But too shy to ask her out

We've played on the playgrounds

Hung out in the zoo

I always wanted to say to her

"I love you…"

I will never forget that day!

My friends began to drink

At the high school prom

I told them I'll join up with them

After I'm done being dumb

We went outside and drank

To our hearts desire

Made love with my girlfriend

Under the light of a campfire

I will never forget that day

I don't remember how time flies

But I guess it just did

I'm stuck with a really good wife

And couple of kids

I want to join the army

But I remembered my brother's plea

They told me to grow up and be useful

Don't waste your life in the military

I will…