A/N: Hey guys. Here's something that popped into my mind last night before I went to sleep and I just had to write it down and post it before I forgot. Just an interesting interpretation I have of balance.


Turbulence, the disruption of energy and the collision of powers so great, it shakes the foundations that stands against the sands of time.

Space, the time and distance between two objects of equal weight, matter, and volume. The distance between good and evil.

The space between them is thickening, two opposing forces painted in black and white.

One is meant to nurture, the other to destroy.

But which is which?

The truth behind the masks they wear so powerful in thinking or deceiving, one meant to love, the other to hate.

So where do they stand?

Turbulence, the disruption of energy when good overtakes evil to the degree in which it must intervene.

A never ending battle between maliciousness and benevolence. When there's so much purity in one mind, it becomes the target of destruction…

The tide is turning, the winds shifting. They turn on their heels, raise their swords, and charge.

Lightness and Darkness…

They will become turbulent.