you're constantly blinking sleep from your eyes.

(winter makes you drowsy.)

serene snowflakes land on your eyelashes

and you stop

stop to stare at your surroundings.

(you stop to notice the differences in seasons-

during the autumn, apples had fallen from a tree

only to be be attacked and devoured by

insects- ants and wasps and bees.

now ivory white vastness

covers the apple carcasses.)

you couldn't get any sleep last night.

(winter gives you insomnia.)

cold air makes your eyes water

and you stop

spot an old coffee shop and run inside

hoping for warmth.

you sit inside.

you smile at the tired barista.

and you think about your circumstances.

(you are unhappy. you are scared. you are angry. you are lonely.)

you glance towards me

I'm sitting a table away from you.

"You seem to be lonely,

have coffee with me?"