Writing releases my soul,
Lets me truly do whatever I wanna do,
Makes me the phoenix flying high up in the sky,
Tears off my constraints,
And makes me free

But you can only fly so high,
Off a little breeze,
When you have walls surrounding you,
Closing in on you,
"Studying for school is what's most important",
Maybe that's true but I don't wanna do what's most important

I wanna fly like bird up in the air,
Not a single thing tearing me down,
Dragging me back into the darkness,
And turning the red phoenix black

Still even in the darkness of my constraints,
I flap my wings without falter,
Even though it just gets harder,
I keep on anyway,
Because that's who I really am,
Once my mind is truly made up,
No one can change it

So I keep on flapping,
Hoping to tear away from this ball and chain,
And make what I love what I'm focusing on

So what do you think?
Do you think I'm crazy?
"Look at the starving artists,"
"Do you want to be one of them?"

I guess I do,
Because I'm getting really sick of school,
I don't give a crap anymore,
They can all disappear,
As I lose myself with some paper and a pen