"What if you discovered you had the power to control your future as well as others. How would you feel? Personally I was ecstatic when I found out I was chosen to be an author. You see in our society there were two types of people, authors and characters. The authors are then divided into genres such as horror and adventure or mythology. The characters on the other hand get to find out from the author they're assigned whether they're a villain, a main character, a supporting character, or just an extra. A nobody. When I was chosen to be one of the select few realistic teen romance authors I was ecstatic as this had always been my dream. My name is Caroline Dessen and I'm your author.

So it's nice to meet you all. Of course I have to name you all don't I. The love interest I need is supposed to be your typical Goth quiet boy. He's quite fond of music, unattainable and doesn't get along with the main character much at first. You! Boy with the black hair. Your name is Dillon Lance. Nice to meet you. Than our main character is a fashion designer wannabe girl with a bit of a cocky side herself. She's very proud and doesn't like to admit her faults. She's popular and boisterous as well. You! Blondie! Your name is Caitlyn Rhode. Nice to meet you! Our two antagonists are the two best friends . They try to make the two main characters think their relationship is destined to fail. That they aren't supposed to fall in love. Brown hair girl! Your name is Danielle Jacobs! Purple haired boy! Your Tobias Wilson! The rest of you when I need to I'll name you." The blue haired eccentric yet gorgeous girl with blue eyes says. So she's my author huh. And my name is Tobias. Interesting enough.

"So what do you want us to do?" I ask her looking her over. Maybe this time I won't follow the plot. Maybe this time I can author my own story.

"Well you should go talk to Dillon get to know each other, that goes for you too Danielle and Caitlyn!" Caitlyn and Dillon were already linked at the hip and didn't look happy to have to say goodbye to one another.

"Why can't I say and talk to you?" I asked her. She laughed.

"Me talk to you. Ha as if. I'm your creator. Not your equal. Anyways I'm going to go add disobedient to your list of character traits." Caroline laughed.

"And I'm going to follow until you're willing to get to know me." I said following her.

"Would you stop? If the others authors see you god knows what they'll do. I'm not getting kicked out on my first day because of a disobedient, annoying character!" She said obviously angered by repeat attempts to win her attention. Too bad, so sad hon. Cause when I want something I get it. No matter what.