For A Drop of Romeo's Starcrossed Challenge Round VIII: Battle of the One Shots:

The rules are that it must be multi-chaptered unless battle of the one shots, must make a reference to Romeo and Juliet as well as the fact that it must be started AFTER the competition has begun.

[Parting is such Sweet Sorrow]

Slipping off his shoes, the young man awkwardly leant down to sit down on the dock and allowed his feet to submerge into the icy cold water but he welcomed the sensation. It seemed as if every stabbing prickle that occurred from the swishing movement woke something in his system which he had started to believe had died a long time ago, ever since he had started living the lie that his life had become. Burying his face into his hands, he felt the comfort of tears falling down his face as he finally let his thoughts take control. How could something he deemed so beautiful be so damned wrong? Yet he knew that it was.

What was beautiful you are wondering?

He was in love.

Oh boy, was he in love.

The problem with this you are asking? Well, he was in love with a man. How could he not love him? He was the sweetest, most caring, funniest and most genuine guy that he had ever had the pleasure of meeting but he knew it was an act because this man belonged to another; not even another man. No, it could not be simple. This man that he loved so much was to be married to the daughter of a billionaire that owned pretty much half of the real estate in their country; a billionaire that also happened to be his uncle. Yet, despite knowing this, he had continued to follow the rabbit down the hole ever since day one and finding himself falling over heels in love with the man.

From day one it had been simple, they could be together for as long as they were discreet about it so they had a set a plan in motion. This desolate lake at the back of his parents property was their meeting place, they never communicated through obvious methods such as text and if they were to ever meet in a public setting then they would pretend not to know each other; it would be a simple nod of acknowledgement to be polite then they would just walk on by. It was cold, distant but it worked for them and allowed them to be together for as long as they wanted without anyone ever knowing. Good thing right? Wrong.

So while they skulked around a lake that had been neglected for more years than he could remember, every other morning the newspapers and magazines were splashed with photos about the impending wedding and the happy couple. Their smiling faces would be looking up at him under headlines about true love or something cheesy about their "Romeo and Juliet" love even though for as far as he knew their parents were best friends, they were madly in love and they did not plan on killing themselves any time soon. It was a stupid, absurd reference that should never have been allowed attention but now it was worldwide. Sometimes he would sit and read the articles and snicker over what they would print if they found out that 'Tybalt' and 'Romeo' were having sexual relations. However as soon as that thought crossed his mind so did something else – they would never know about him, ever. He would not allow it and that was when he had made the decision they needed one last meet so that they could end it.

"Hello?" Jumping at the voice interrupting his thoughts, he quickly turned round to see the image of his thoughts and affections running towards him on the dock. Without a second thought, he quickly pulled his feet out of the water and stood up hoping to greet the man but the crippling pain of pins and needles caused him to stumble. Thankfully, his lover was there by that time to catch him wearing his annoyingly handsome smile. "Is this where I say a cheesy line about how you fall for me all over again every time we meet?"

"Please don't," his sentence was cut off as a set of lips took possession of his, arms holding him close to a broad chest that had always had him wondering if he had been sculpted by Gods and being embraced by a warmth that he knew he would soon lose. It was a haste kiss. Nothing more had ever been shared down by the lake. The more passionate part of their relationship waited until they knew the coast was clear at the guest house of the manor, especially when the help were not around. The kiss broke off and his lover rested his forehead against his as he breathed in the smell of the man. He could sense that he had been out here a while, the fragrance of the fresh air and cool lake embraced him like a second scent. It was often something he associated with his lover and would put a smile on his face if he was to smell it elsewhere.

"It is unlike you to arrange a meeting, my love." the older man whispered and he felt himself suddenly losing his nerve now that they were staring each other out.

"I had to because I need to put a stop to this."

"Put a stop to what?"

"This... Us... Whatever this is happening right now between us. I need it to stop," he explained while frantically motioning between the pair of them so that his lover would get the picture. "I can't handle this affair any more. My family think I hate the amazing man that my cousin is to marry because I can never stick around long enough to have a conversation with him when really I am so afraid that I'll jump into his arms and kiss the living daylights out of him. So I'm setting you free. This ends tonight."

There were a few moments of silence between them before his lover shook his head. "No, you can't tell me how I feel or what's happening. There are two people in this relationship and I don't want it to end."

He knew that he would find. It had been more than obvious on several occasions that this handsome man would fight until his last breath to keep their relationship going but it was over. He was too tired to keep the secrets and he had promised himself that tonight would be their last night. "Well I do and you can't have a relationship while the other half is unwilling."

"Unwilling?" His lover practically roared. "There's nothing unwilling about you," and as if to prove a point, he found himself shoved back against a tree with the body he so admired slammed against his and a hot angry kiss being pressed to his lips. He tried to fight it, tried not to succumb to the temptation but he found himself kissing back with the same punch. The kiss became an angry combination of bites and pecking kisses while a hand found it's way down the front of his trousers, taking hold of his length and squeezing it a little too tight. The kiss was broken off and his lover looked at him with a gaze that was almost feral. If he had thought this through, he could have just ended the relationship by avoiding his partner and leaving the town but now that he had started this fight, he had to end it."Tell me again that you don't want this, that you don't want me."

"That's purely physical and I know I can't have you on another level. We could make love right here against this tree and you could make me see stars but you'll still remind me that we're strangers if we meet in public and walk right back into the bed you share with her... with my cousin." Looking away, he felt the tell tale stinging of tears in his eyes and started to shake his head. "And I just can't deal with that any more."

"So instead you'll see me happily married to somebody else?"

"No, I'm leaving. I've convinced Mother that I need to leave town for a while and she's asked a family friend if I can stay with them for a while." Reaching up, he cupped his lover's face in his hands and sighed. "Please don't make this harder than it already is. Please just kiss me, wish me a good life and walk away with your shoulders back, head high and whispered words of how we're strangers. Please." He pleaded and he saw something change in his partner's eyes; resignation.

Leaning in, they shared one last slow kiss before his lover pulled back and traced his lips with the pad of his thumb. "Have a good life, my love." One more kiss was hastily pressed to the corner of his lips because he could not resist the temptation. "And remember," a slight crack in his voice as a tear escaped his right eye but his lover took a deep breath and continued, "that if we were to meet on the street, you're just to walk on by. We're strangers." His lover whispered the last two words before pushing away and leaving him behind, his own tears staining his face as he stood there at the lake with the emptiness embracing him again.

Looking at the water, he remembered the sensation that had awakened in his feet as they had swished through the murky ice cold water below. Could it be possible for the water to reawaken his entire being? Could he feel alive again without the man he loved in his life any more? There was only one way to find out and he did it without a second doubt; he jumped.


Well I started this approximately two hours ago and I feel really bad for how much of a rush job it is but inspiration hit late and I did it with like 12 minutes to go until deadline. Go me. I am dreadfully sorry at how short and sweet this is! But hey, two hours kind of put a lot of pressure on myself. I hope you all take part next time if you didn't this time!

A big shout out to the wonderful Castiel89 for not only being my beta but for making sure I write and the title to this piece is totally her masterpiece, so girl – I couldn't have done it without you! You're the greatest star a girl could need.