By: Yours truly

Poseidon: Hey Medusa honey! My oracle said you'd die a painful death by Perseus but I'm just gonna let it-... Slide.

Dionysus: Let's part funeral for Medusa!

Pan: I got a perfect place! The isles of Bless!

Hades: That's my domain, pal.

Pan: so how many drachmas?

Hades: i don't need any as long as Perseph gets to go.

Persephone: U r so sweet, honey.

Hades: i know i am.

Persephone: NOT.

Zeus: Break it up people!

Hades: Who made u part of txt?


Persephone: -God of all Gods. Duh.

Zeus: Hey Perseph.

Demeter: Hades, stop reminding me of pomegranate seeds!

Hades: i did what?

Demeter signs out.

Hades: What did I do this time?

Persephone: u don't want to know.

Persephone signs out.

Zeus: Now u've done it. Why'd you drag her under the earth and have her stay there for all eternity anyway?