I would like to dedicate this poem to anyone who has been through a bad time, the people who struggle to look in the mirror, the people who just nod and fake a smile when made fun of, to hide the fact that they are breaking inside. This poem is also dedicated to our unrecognised heroes, the ones who have helped someone in their time of emotional and mental need, those who hold us together when we are breaking and lift us up when we are spiralling down. This poem's for you! xx

Help from a Hero


Ugly, hideous

Trying, ignoring, hiding

Hating what I see, hating what you say

Starving, fighting, losing

Innocent, victim



Painful, torturous

Crying, screaming, breaking

Tearing me down, killing me slowly

Cutting, slicing, dying

Weak, cold



Angelic, kind

Caring, loving, inspiring

Holding me tight, not letting go

Helping, saving, rehabilitating

Strong, beautiful