Written October 29, 2007 (Age twelve)

Look in my eyes,

Can't you see?

Because of your lies,

I fall to my knees.

A broken heart is all I have,

You hardly deserve my love.

What did I do to make you mad?

Will my spirit rise above?

The clouds are parting with the sun

For a new angel's flight.

We pray for thy kingdom come,

To Him with power and might.

For those whose heart is pure,

I'll fight for the weak.

And maybe the strong will find a cure.

That's all we seek.

My life is longer than many.

People who don't get a chance

When our worth is less than a penny.

We never learned to dance.

Thrown in a hole in the ground,

Not a tear shed

Because a dead child found

Or a child that hasn't been fed.

Why has this world grown so cruel?

Our nation's children at stake.

People think it's a parent versus child duel

And we don't see the lives it takes.

While you look in my eyes,

Why can't you see

That because of you lies,

We fall to our knees?