Among the patter of twisted tears,

The realization of all her fears

Shatter in a moment's glory

To distract the retelling story.

A crack of thunder, a flash of light,

The anger down under reminds the fight.

The trees sway to and fro,

To few, the story is all they know.

Ground shakes, glass shatters,

To her, none of this seems to matter.

The wind howls in agony there.

She prayed someone would at least stop and stare

As the flashes mesh with the howls,

And the anger turns to a growl.

Blood runs thicker than water,

Making the tension in the air grow hotter.

The storm suddenly goes out cold,

No lightning is so bold.

In innocence's wild and daring's withdrawal,

The blood-curdling cry of a child not coddled,

A stone among the way,

How? No one can say.

The storm hovers in a hostile stance,

Waiting for that final sideways glance,

As the abuser leads the way.

The trees continue to sway,

And the storm continues onward, full and strong.

A new angel's first song

Calls for vengeance on that sinner's rule.

A child versus killer duel.

But truth always prevails.