The Castle Game

Through the wind and the rain,
She stands hard as a stone,
In a world that she can't rise above,
But her dreams give her wings,
And she flies to a place where she's loved,
Concrete angel.

Concrete Angel-Martina McBride.

I watched the light blue curtain hanging on her small window.

As the wind blew the curtain fluttered and revealed the shattered glass in her room.

A princess bed in the middle of the room , tall light brown bookshelf to keep her album and picture books in order and a walk in closet right next to her personal bathroom She was her daddy little princess , the pearl on the palm of his hands and his only child in this world. She use to get piggy back ride from her daddy and I would have glared at the scene , green with envy as ignorant little children. Whenever I bullied her she would run into her daddy's arm and cry out ' daddy , daddy save me from the monster'.

She was a perfect child in her dream like world.

As I recalled our childhood the curtain of her room revealed her small frame huddled near the large door of her princess room.

She wore the same white dress she wore to the Christmas party last night.

Her light brown hair with golden highlight was messy with tendrils falling out.

I felt the pang as my hand unconsciously reached out for her window when the curtain fluttered a little more.

Than I saw her eyes widen with fear and her door pushed open forcefully. As I saw the glimpse of blond hair that belong to the king of the castle she lived in I wanted to sigh in relieve. He would save the princess in the castle right?

I might have been a child but the burning rage in his eyes was hard to miss.

He walked in his footstep powerful as his frame seem to enlarge while she shrunk smaller and smaller, her small figure continue to shake. When the king felt my gaze he turned sharply at me as I felt horns grew from the crown of his head , the smile he sent me gave me chill to the bone. The king's smile continue as he closed the window and pulled the curtain until I could no longer see the princess's room. I wanted to run to her castle and bang on the door but my small tiny feet rooted on the floor...from what?

When I heard her melodic voice, I couldn't contain myself from the emotion that was .

The sound that echoed from her room came to me in a song she used to sing.

' I live in a castle filled with flowers '

' In my castle there is my princess room '

' My pretty dresses stored in my large closet '

'Those beautiful memories keep in the heights of my shelve '

' There are no maids or lady-in-waiting '

' But there is my Queen mother '

"Who loves me and cater to my needs '

' There is my father King '

' who loves me and cater to my needs '

' In this castle with no riches or luxury '

'There is love '

' Where my happiness are store. '

When the screaming stopped and the king left the princess room . I wished that the princess would pull open the curtains and push open the window just to scream for my name . If she would have called me , I would run to her like the knight in shining armor in those fairytale book she kept in the light brown shelves of hers . I waited and waited but the window were never opened and the curtains no longer flutters.

I heard the sound of the siren in front of her castle.

I creep down with my blanket in hand reached the place and peek at the scene.

One sentence from an adult made me realize.

' Poor girl , I heard her parents killed her. How horrifying child abuse. '

What does kill means again ? Death .

That is not possible , that girl ! That pampered child who sings that song every single time I saw her can't be dead . She was a child showered with love and care . Her shelf filled with all those beautiful memories she use to brag about . She smiled like some ignorant child who was not tainted by anything in this world her world filled with happiness . She was protected in that castle she was so proud of!

Why ?

Why ?

Why ?

I rushed into her castle ignoring the calls of the adult and police officer and without a care I continued to her princess room.

I knew where that room was, it was right across mine.

I had always stared at her from a far and when she smile all I want to do was smile too.

That girl. She was my first love.

When I reached her princess room, I stared in shook of the puddle of blood that matched her pink painted wall . The shelve she cherished so much had been pushed down , I crawled slowly there and took the album that she decorated herself . It was her favorite album and she kept all her favorite pictures in it . She was a weird princess who didn't want the pretty shining jewelery . All she wished for was memories , the pictures and little things like seashell to remember the pretty memory she owned . I always bullied her because that was how me a 7-year-old could express my feeling for her . She probably didn't understand and now she would never understand.

Our dream world no longer exist.

This castle game is officially over.

I have been having writer block, hence the new story.

Give me a feedback ? Do you like it? please and thank you .