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(Chapter 2)

Boy In Shining Armor.

" Marry me Juliet

you will never have to be alone

I love you and that's all I really now

I talked to your dad go pick out a white dress

it's a love story baby just say yes."

cause we were both young when I first saw you.

Love story-Taylor Swift.

Elliot Thatcher felt as if he was caught in between a rock and a hard place.

"Thanks man."

"It's not like I have a choice." Elliot said with no malice.

"I am sorry man I shouldn't be pushing this on you but the fever is really killing me and-" Elliot heard intense coughing from the other side of the line and sighed. He owed it to his best friend who had bailed him out millions of time.

Bro's before hoe's.

"Yeah, don't worry about it I just need to call Abi to cancel our lunch date." With her parents. Elliot kept the last part to himself not wanting to cause anymore guilt to Gerald. Elliot sighed inwardly, counting last month this would be the second lunch date he is cancelling on Abigail and her parents.

He heard coughing again.

"Gerald, it's fine." Elliot said to his Samsung touchscreen phone and walked into his car. "Just rest, I will handle the rest."He heard rustling and more coughing from the other line and knew that Gerald was probably still pushing himself. His friend had been burden by responsibility ever since his parents had a divorce and stopped caring for both Gerald and his sister and now Gerald's body is paying the price for all the stress and work.

"Yeah, I will. Help me tell my sister that I am sorry okay and Abigail that I am sor-"

"Gerald its fine just rest, I am hanging up." Elliot said, concerned.

Elliot started his car and checked the silver watch on his wrist.

It's time to attend Gerald's sister's 'guardian meeting' with her teachers as Gerald Garnet.

" Than the knight in shining armor killed the evil dragon and saved the princess. The knight and the princess later falls in love with each other and they?" Shana Ruane, part-time teacher for the music class in a kindergarten asked the group of children sitting in front of her with a bright smile.

" Live happily ever after." The children chorused the sentence together with a cheerful tone.

"Exactly, so don't be afraid Anna those nightmare will never catch up to you and even if they do your knight in shining armor will save you from the hands of evil." Shana tried to take up a 'manly' tone as she patted her student, Anna on the crown of her head in a reassuring manner.

Anna beamed and ran out of the classroom cheering about her knight in shining armor.

"Does that mean I have a knight in shining armor too?" Gabriella Garnet asked shyly in her soft voice her cheeks tinted pink.

Shana smiled.

"Of course, every boy and girl have a princess and knight specially for them. That's why your knight is somewhere out there too Gabby." Shana placed the book that she was reading aside and held on to Gabby's small hand. "As long as you believe than it will come true because happiness is in your hands." Gabby smiled brightly and nodded.

"Play us a song miss Shana!" Lacey a cheerful girl jumped up and down while pulling on to Shana's sleeve requested.

Shana chuckled and held Lacey's and Gabby's small hands and walked them to the piano.

"Any request?" Shana asked at the students that were still present in the music room. Lacey glanced at the two boys that were playing toy swords at the corner her siblings who merely shrugged and continued their sword game.

It was as if Lacey could hear what her siblings were thinking although that wouldn't be surprise the three of them are triplets. Landon the oldest followed by Lucas and the youngest would be the only girl in the Reinhart family, Lacey Reinhart. The bright outspoken six-year-old that has a few talent of her own.

"Landon and Lucas said whatever would be fine." Lacey said and sat on the floor next to Gabby.

Gabby fidgeted with her fingers as Shana smiled.

"Gabby any request?" at Gabby's silence Shana pushed a little more. "Anything is fine. Your favorite song?"

"It's Love Story by Taylor Swift!" Lacey announced.

Gabby blushed bright red and hid her face with her dark curls.

"That's a nice song."Shana commented and placed her long pale fingers on the white keys.

The music flowed throughout the room and Shana's being as she immersed herself in the world. The world where there was a girl who was in love with a boy their love was pure and beautiful. The girl was the princess in her father's eyes as their love was opposed by the adults.

Their love story flowed into the room with the sound of the piano.

The lyrics repeated in her mind as she smiled.

Romeo save me, they try to tell me how to feel.

Juliet is the princess that belongs to Romeo.

This love is difficult, but it's real.

Romeo is Juliet's knight in shining armor.

Don't be afraid we will make it out of this mess.

"Elliot!" Gabby's shrill voice broke Shana out from her little music world as her eyes followed Lacey's to where Gabby was being held by a boy at the front door. The boy chuckled and lifted Gabby up with little to no effort as their eyes met.

It's a love story baby just say yes...

"You are?" Shana found herself asking the stranger in front of her, he was strangely... mesmerizing.

"Elli- I mean Gerald Garnet." He coughed nervously after saying out his name.

"But Gabby just called you Elliot." Shana stated looking at the stranger in suspicious manner.

Elliot sighed and ran his fingers through his dark brown hair.

"The thing is-"

"Please Miss Shana don't tell anyone that Elliot is not my brother." To Shana's horror fat tears started rolling down from Gabby's cheeks. Shana gasped and quickly ran towards Gabby who was in the arms of the stranger as she took Gabby into her arms and soothed her.

"I won't tell anyone, I promise. Don't cry anymore Gabby you are scaring me." Shana said as she continue to sooth Gabby while muttering sweet words to Gabby as Lacey, Landon and Lucas glared at Elliot thinking that Elliot was the cause of it.

Elliot held up his hand in surrender.

Gabby finally nodded as Shana sighed in relieve and placed her on the piano bench.

''I promise I won't tell, but you might have to explain it to me. Maybe I can help?" Shana asked.

"I will explain." Elliot spoke up as Shana hesitated but still nodded in the end.

"Lacey, Landon and Lucas why don't you guys go to the playground and play with Anna." Shana suggested as the three of them exited the room.

"Now explain."


"I am sorry Miss Shana but- he is sick and mum and d-dad i-is-"

Before Gabby can continue Shana pulled Gabby into a hug suppressing her tears. She never expected the quiet, sweet Gabby was growing up in such an environment and brother seems to be working himself to the bones. She swore that she would protect student in her class including Gabby.

"I understand Gabby but lying is not a good habit so promise me this is the only time. If your brother can't come next time just tell me I will help you think of something." Shana said in a firm tone as Elliot observed her quietly.

"Today?" Gabby asked timidly.

Shana sighed.

"We will tell everyone that Elliot here is your cousin."Gabby looked confused with her red rim eyes." So that next time if the real Gerald wants to attend a meeting he can." Shana smiled as Gabby face light up as if Shana just told her that Santa Claus is real. Elliot and Shana observed at the sideline with content smile.

"She looks happy."

Elliot and Shana glanced at each other as the exact sentence left their lips at the same time.

"Elliot Thatcher." Elliot introduced himself.

"Shana Ruane." Shana said and smiled.

"Elliot you are my knight in shining armor!" Gabby declared breaking the moment as it was slowly left forgotten.

"Knight in shining armor?Isn't your teacher here the one who saved the day?" Elliot asked amused.

Gabby thought for a while and smiled.

"Than you can be the boy in shining armor and Miss Shana can be the princess since you both helped me together. Perfect match!" As if that was the perfect conclusion Gabby jumped around and kept repeating perfect match as the grown up stared at each other and chuckled, amused at Gabby's antic.

We were both young when I first saw you.

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