Back with another oneshot from my book of stories. Enjoy!

She smiled. A slow, teasing smile slowly curved her lips.

"Hello," she purred smoothly, her smoky green eyes half-lidded, partly bored, partly predatory.

The other girl did not answer, only stared at her with a tight-lipped smile.

"I like your…" she paused, eyes critically scouring the small girl, "dress," she finished. "Very cute. Matches with your…hair. It's adorable." Still the other girl did not answer, only looked up while she stared down. Something caught her eye then. Her smile grew and her arm snaked out, grabbing the wrist of an approaching figure. She was pleased to see the girl's eyes go wide in recognition and fascination. Her face turned a pretty pink and she stepped forward eagerly.

"This," she began, "is Dorian." The girl turned to her, eyes bright as she opened her mouth to speak—

"My boyfriend." And just like that, the pink flushed to a dark red before paling to a ghostly white. Her eyes, if possible, became larger and she stepped, almost stumbled, back, lips parted. No sound passed her pretty lips.

"Hello," Dorian replied casually, pleasantly, "and you are…?"

Hurt, disappointment, humiliation all flashed through the girl's large eyes. She faltered looking back and forth between the two of them before finally settling on Dorian. He waited expectantly.

"Y-you don't remember?" She asked, voice tiny and hoarse. He only raised an eyebrow as she began reaching for her locket, the golden token hanging right above her heart.

It was time to step in. She swiftly pulled Dorian back.

"Dorian has to go now," she announced smoothly, turning her amused boyfriend around to face her. She then pulled herself against him, locking lips with him for a long, smoldering kiss. Her lips curved, feeling his hands run sensually over her and she pulled him even closer, arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the other girl turning away, yet keeping a longing eye on them. Finally, they parted and he left, but not before giving her a wicked look full of lust and hunger.

"That," she purred catching the other girl's attention, "was Dorian." She smirked, a challenging look on her face as she stared down at the other girl. Before she could say anything however, a new voice interrupted them.

"Hey, you look gorgeous." Both heads turned to see a taller girl, heading towards them. Her eyes fell on the much smaller girl. "Hey who's this? She's a cutie. Are you here with your parents sweetie?" She cooed. Without waiting for an answer she turned back towards her friend, grabbing her wrist.

"C'mon, people are looking for you!"

"We have to go now; goodbye," she called back to the smaller girl. A triumphant smile crossed her face as Dorian returned, his arm wrapped around her waist and his hand in a less-than-formal position. She tilted her head towards the younger girl one last time and sneered as she left behind her sister.

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