And there you are now with your "I'll never marry".

Gotta try harder than that to make me wary.

You're more than

A picket fence

And wedding gown.

My love's intense,

Just look around.

You're more than

A new last name,

A cover hog.

My love stays same,

My heart won't clog.

You're more than

Waking up with

You by my side.

You make me breathe,

Make it alright.

You're more than

Coming home to

Welcoming arms.

My home is you,

You keep me warm.

You're more than

A document

That says you're mine.

This doesn't end.

We'll do just fine.

You're more than

What you think will

Make me leave you.

This love I feel?

You've got no clue.

Don't you get it? You're beyond marriage and wedding.

I know what my answer is- you're my everything.