What was I to know where we would go?
I've followed as you guided
the walls seem to fall apart
and the blank faces began to hide

What the hell is wrong with you!?
You've dragged me all this way for what?

But don't scream mere child this dream isn't for you.
Confused, it must had been an allusion to something so much more
All of the pain I had to endure

Bruised and beaten they hit me with strikes to the face,
a knee to the gut
what was left for them to do?

There was no mercy behind these walls
No laws held them back
such belligerent spirits had erected from the ground
to silence my broken being

Pick him up!
They are not done, there's more to this
what was I supposed to see?
Do you understand now, boy?

I don't understand
I can't even stand, with these legs of mine
Broken and damaged I hang on for as long as I could
Do you understand!?

No! No! No! Release me dammit!
Through a broken voice that was kept unfixed,
a mind that was still fearful
They've broken me
Was that what they wanted?

I couldn't express my lamentation
when the shadows began to enshroud me.
Their voices were loud

What did they say?
My ringing ears tried to pick up
were those spirits at play?
No they must have not…

With a bright white covering me
I opened my eyes
what I had seen were lies
from my own imagination.
Nothing was true, nothing was real

I move around to feel for a sign of reality
my name was called coherently and I knew that I must answer
I'm here don't worry!

Well, hurry on, you've got to go!
Alright! I'll be down!

So all of that was a dream…