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The rain hit the cold stone hard, bouncing off the surface and hitting her ankles. She sighed and packed up her things. She couldn't concentrate when it was raining. But of course it was always raining here. England had to be the most miserable and boring place on Earth. But the scenery was always amazing where she lived, in Wales. She loved to visit the old stone ruins, they seemed to make her more creative. And she had to finish her English assignment. She had been told to write a short story, about anything she wanted. She knew immediately what she wanted to write about, however cliché it was. She wanted to write a story about a princess, who had fallen in love with a prince. But, a terrifying dragon would come and ruin everything. But, as this was her short story, she was adding a twist to it. Instead of the prince killing the dragon, and living happily ever after, there would be death, destruction and devastation to all of the land. Her friends had told her that she always got too carried away with creative writing. And she had to put it in a certain amount of words. This is why she had come to the ruins today, to think of a way to wrap up the story within the given amount, without it sounding rushed.

She swept her long brown hair over her shoulder, and slung her messenger bag across her body, shivering as the bitter wind blew into her face. It was icy cold, colder than it usually was in March. She hoped it wasn't going to snow. Her phone buzzed against her hip, and she dug it out of her pocket. Her dad was calling her. She answered the call and put it to her ear.

"Violet? Where are you?" Said her dad, his voice thick with worry.
"Don't worry dad, I'm at the ruins. I wanted to get some more of my English homework done." She said, beginning to walk towards the brook.
"Okay, just make sure you're home soon. Dinner is almost ready." Just as he said it, her stomach rumbled furiously.
"Okay dad, bye."
She waited until he hung up, just in case he wanted to say anything else, then pressed the red phone button. She jumped over the brook, the fast running water trickling over small stones and pebbles. The wind was howling now, and Violet could tell that there was going to be a storm that night. She jumped over the crumbled wall that surrounded the land that their farm was on, and entered the house through the back door.

She could smell the sausages cooking, and she smiled to herself. It may be a small thing, but she really was grateful for those sausages that night. She had a good time with her dad and her younger brother, making jokes and laughing. They locked up the house soon after, and went to bed. Violet's hair was tied into a thick plait, and she wore blue spotted pyjamas. She read until late that night, and just before turning the light off, she picked up the photo of her mom from her bedside table.
"Goodnight mom, I love you lots and I'm still missing you." Violet said, kissing the cold glass softly. She placed it back down and snuggled under her covers as the room was plunged into darkness. The power is down again, she thought. The storm is pretty bad tonight.

But as Violet and her family slept somewhat peacefully in their home, something much worse than a storm was growing. At the old stone ruins, the fog was thick, the rain failing to penetrate it. The light of the moon was covered by dark grey clouds, sending the sky into an overcast of misery and foreboding. The mist swirled on the floor in a huge whirlpool, and a hunched figure rose from within. Its frame trembled, and a decrepit hand came from within the folds of its black cloak. The hand was holding a chain, with a strange pendant hanging from it. It was a black hearthstone, bordered by an intricate frame design. In the middle of the pendant was a symbol, which had been recently etched into the swirling hearthstone. It was a pentagram; a simple drawing of an eye at the top peak, a sun on the peak to the left of the top, then a triangle with a line down the centre, a circle with a cross inside it, and then a crescent moon. All of these were on the five peaks of the pentagram. The hunched figure began to whisper an incantation. Its words became one with the wind as its voice rasped. Wolves howled at the moon, the wind picked up its speed-becoming a crazy whirlwind. At the figures feet, two more figures rose. They were also wearing black cloaks, and began to join in with the whispering.

Suddenly, the weather was calmed, the howling had stopped and the fog had disappeared. Everything was still, and calm. But it was an eerie calmness that settled over the land. The three trembling figures smiled weakly under their hoods, and became one with the shadows.

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