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Violet lay under Harry's bed, shaking slightly with fear. She was safe, under the bed in the shadows. But Harry was… with them. The creatures Violet had first mistaken for birds turned out to be a cross of animals. They had bony, bat-like wings, with sharp claw-like talons on the edges. They're skin was like black leather, and she could see the individual vertebrae of their spines on their backs. Their faces were elongated, ending with a mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth-much like a shark. The weirdest part was that they had no visible eyes. Maybe they saw with their senses, like butterflies did.

They spoke in creepy rasping tones, Violet was unable to work out what they were saying. She could see Harry's feet by the door, he was slowly edging away. One of the shadow creatures noticed and they leapt at him. Violet bit down on her fist to stop her screaming in horror. They had knocked Harry to the floor and were tearing him up. Blood seeped onto the carpet and Violet almost retched. Harry's face was visible now, as his body was on the floor. She could see his horrified expression and wide, empty eyes.

Violet didn't know what to do. She was stuck under a bed, surrounded by monsters capable of brutally killing her. She was too restricted to grab the machete or one of the steak knives. But someone came to kill the monsters for her. A pair of black boots suddenly appeared by the bed. Someone had jumped through the broken window and into Harry's bedroom. Violet heard a blade being unsheathed, and soon the bodies of the shadow creatures hit the floor, black blood pooling underneath them.

Well. She was safe from them now, but who was this person? Her "saviour"? Were they just another threat? She slowly rolled out from under the bed and got to her feet without making any noise. The person who saved her was crouched over a monsters body. It was a man. He looked human for the most part. The only way Violet knew he wasn't human was the fact that he had big, raven black wings protruding from his back. She took her machete from its scabbard. The human-bird turned around looking surprised, then smirked. "You're going to kill me with that?" He said. He stood up, and he towered over her. But Violet didn't lower her weapon. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" She growled, with as much menace as she could muster. He didn't answer, and just grinned at her, before turning and inspecting the shadow creatures once more.

This was going to take a while, Violet thought.

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